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“Field scientific tour at Al- Wataniya Private University”

The Faculty of Civil Engineering of Al- Wataniya Private University held a scientific tour to one of the buildings “under construction” within Al- Wataniya University under the supervision of the Dean of the College, Dr. Abdulkader Al-Gendi and Dr. Taseer Khalil, in cooperation with the student body of the College of Engineering represented by its President, Mohammad Fawzi Hasani.

The scientific tour aimed to involve first year and second year students in the Faculty of Civil Engineering with practical training as an important and essential backdrop to their entire theoretical knowledge about the applied stages of building construction. For his part, Dr. Tayseer Khalil, teacher of the course “Descriptive Engineering, Design and Construction of Buildings”, supervised the progress of the scientific tour directed to first-year students, where he talked about the stages of construction and the practical steps needed to start designing buildings, explaining how to apply all theoretical academic information on the ground.

Dr. Khalil also stressed the importance of students’ first-hand access to all new civil engineering as an urgent need to integrate the theoretical aspect of the process and thereby maximize the benefit of students.

In a connected context and with an interest in the situation of students in a realistic working environment, the Dean of the College Dr. Abdelkader Al-Gendi is a teacher of the course “Building materials” on the scientific visit of students of the second year to the new construction within Al- Wataniya Private University. The doctor introduced the building mechanism approved in the construction of the building and the most important building materials used, emphasizing the university’s interest in providing the appropriate environment for students to understand the practical application of the construction process and how to proceed gradually.

It should be noted that the existing series of scientific tours within the plans of Al-Wataniya Private University continues as it aims to promote the practical aspect of the Faculty of Civil Engineering and to familiarize students with the basics of the profession and the latest developments in civil engineering science.

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