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Speech of The President of Al-Wataniya Private University

Prof.Dr. Ahed Khuzam

 In 2005 , the foundation stone for the buildings of Al-Wataniya Private University was laid in a unique design that fits the main goal that is unique to it and is based on the educational quality of the human being , the first goal of development .

 The mission of Al-Wataniya Private University revolves around employing science, knowledge , and material and human capabilities to achieve distinguished education and serious scientific research to prepare academic and professional cadres that provide effective service to the community .

Based on this message , Al-Wataniya University has adopted a set of programs established according to the latest academic standards , which were prepared by a group of experts and professors and approved by the Ministry of Higher Education .

The establishment of Al-Wataniya University came to be an important tributary in the educational development process of the university and to open wide horizons for the student in terms of qualification and competition in the labor market. The university is working hard to push towards a well-established educational system with integrated elements with intellectual freedom in academic work and commitment to moral and human values ​​to build a person who is proud of himself and his family and country .

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