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Scientific visit to Construction Site within Industrial City  Students of Civil Engineering in Al – Wataniya  Private University

The Faculty of Civil Engineering ofA-Wataniya Private University represented by Dean Dr. Abdelkader Al-Gendy organized a scientific visit for fourth year students in civil engineering to a construction site “Building a water tank and water network” within the expansion of the industrial city in Hama, under the supervision of Dr. Mahmoud Fatama, a teacher course  “Water and sanitation systems” and Dr. Ihsan Tarsha is a teacher course  “Resistance to materials”, in the presence and organization of the student body of the Faculty of Engineering represented by the President of the Authority, Mohamed Fawzi Hassani.

. The doctors took turns talking about the construction of the facility, where Dr. Abdul Qader Al-Gendi talked about the most important materials used in construction and the specifications required to be available in the concrete of  beton water installations . In his turn, Dr. Mahmoud Fatama explained about the water network and the mechanism of feeding and draining. While Dr. Ihsan Al-Tarsha focused his speech on the rebar used in the construction of the facility.

On the other hand, Dr. Abdelkader Al-Gendi expressed his gratitude and great appreciation for the efforts of the “Afamia Engineering House”, the company supervising the site, In particular, Eng. Yaqoub Kassab Bashi, who thankfully contributed by providing valuable information to the students. He also praised t Al – Wataniya University, represented by its president, Dr. Ahed Khuzam, for its keenness and constant insistence on providing students with practical experiences and extensive scientific knowledge. Dean Dr. Abdul Qader also emphasized the great effort exerted by the leadership of the Students’ Union Branch  at Al- Wataniya  Private University – represented by the President of the Union Abdul Karim Al Naasan – to succeed and keep pace with the continuation of valuable scientific visits because of their great benefits on both the theoretical and practical levels..

In turn, the students expressed their full thanks and appreciation for the efforts of the management of the Afamia Engineering House for its interest, reception and hospitality, which had a great impact on them and reinforced their desire to undertake a similar scientific journey.

It is worth mentioning that the Faculty of Civil Engineering constantly seeks to provide real opportunities for students to raise their efficiency, enhance their learning motivation and start by experimenting and developing.

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