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Six Teams from Al- Wataniya University Are Eligible To Participate In The Upcoming Programming Competition At The Level Of Private Universities In  Syria

In preparation for the programming competition that will be held on 19/6/2022 within the campus of Al- Wataniya Private University and Al-Wadi International Private University, Al- Wataniya University has held an internal competition SYPUCPC2022 for students of the Faculty of Engineering “Department of Computer Engineering” within the Central Library to select the six teams that will participate in the programming competition for students on the level of Private Universities in Syria.

 The coordinator, Dr. Ammar Rimawi, supervised the primary (internal) competition, which targeted 160 students, of whom 12 qualified initially, with a total number of (36) contestants, who were divided into groups and provided with the equipment and computers necessary to work.

The competition lasted for about several hours, with the coordination and supervision of the engineers (Bayan Mando – Abdul Rahman Al Kayyal) and the trainers (Naseem Daghestani – Muhammad Nour Khalif), who provided the students with all the information, practical applications and important advice, so that six teams consisting of the best committed trainees were nominated in the software training camp that It was established by Al- Wataniya Private University and they are as follows:

The first team: (Anas Al-Kilani – Ali Zaytouni – Malik Al-Madani)

The second team: (Asim Al-Bitar – Abdullah Al-Awad – Mustafa Kizawi)

The third team: (Mohammed Al-Khatib – Radi Shaqifah – Aya Al-Jandali)

Fourth Team: (Adnan Al-Kafri – Adham Al-Jawad – Hossam Jadeed)

Fifth Team: (Mohammed Wahba – Alaa Al-Hosni – Hala Al-Labaidi)

The Sixth Team: (Abdul Qader Hourani – Mustafa Sheikh Khalil – Dima Ghandour)

It should be noted that the programming competition at the level of Syrian private universities will be at a high level of goals, visions and clear joint practical plans, and Al- Wataniya University has prepared the internal competition with organization, commitment and high accuracy in selecting the candidate teams based on clear and accurate foundations and criteria.

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