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Exam Directorate

 Examination Division Tasks :

1- Exam documents .

2- Ministerial score sheet .

3- Internal mark detection .

4- Description of courses .

5- Academic warnings .

6- Exam process .

7- Preparing the exam schedules for the number of students and their distribution to the halls in the semester exams and exams .

8- Preparing the exam publication forms and following up their printing and inventory at the end of each semester .

9- Raising the names of the first students to the University Council .

10- Ensuring that the student fulfills the registration requirements (number of hours , academic warnings) in the registration process at the beginning of each semester .

Compensation Tests :

1- Organizing the tables .

2- Preparing the exam conditions .

3- Student distribution .

4- Supervising the study centrally .

Statistics :

1- Ministerial : the number of students within the faculties according to each specialization , gender and nationality 

2- Financial : the number of depleted students according to academic warnings 

3- Cumulative : success and failure rates in colleges on a quarterly and annual basis


1- Graduation decisions

2- Examination penalties

3- Decisions of the University Council

4- Results of the national examination

5- Ministerial decisions related to exams

6- Requests submitted by students (temporary graduation test – mark objection – study compensation)

7- Exam results

8- Tables of secret codes for the examination process and the distribution of students to the halls

9- Exams export

Alumni Division :

1- Preparing Reports :

  • Students expected to graduate at the end of each semester
  • The names of the graduate students who have completed the study plan hours at the end of each semester
    2- Certified copies of the original documents of the graduate student
    3- Statistics :
  • Cumulative: the number of students graduating annually
  • Finance: the number of graduate students to follow up on certification fees with the Ministry.
    4- Preparing the documents of the graduate student, if requested by the student , prior to the issuance of the original documents :
  • Temporary graduation notice
  • Statement of the first

 5- Preparing and organizing certificates , documents and grade sheets for graduates

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