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Finance Directorate

 Main tasks :

1- Organizing and directly supervising the entire work of the Directorate .

2- Follow-up work with the banks that the university deals with .

3- Setting the financial conditions for all tenders or auctions conducted by the university .

4- Supervising the fund inventory , matching the credit balance with the cash balance , and daily matching of bank statements .

5- Setting the instructions for the annual inventory process and matching the assets with the restrictions .

6- Organizing the university’s annual estimated and investment budget based on the university’s plans .

7- Preparing financial studies and organizing the financial affairs of the university .

8- Follow-up on advances and payment of obligations , as well as the university’s resources on the specified dates .

9- Follow up on insurance matters for the university through contracts with insurance companies .

10- Permanent follow-up of warehouse movement .

11- Preparing the budget , the annual final accounts and the necessary statements for them .

12- Supervising the procurement committees .

13- Submitting a report on the progress of work at the end of the academic year .

14- Carry out all the work assigned to him by the direct manager .

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