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Human Resources Directorate

 Main tasks :

 Follow-up and supervision of everything related to the functions of the Human Resources Directorate, including appointment, training, development, salaries, compensation, and evaluation, as listed below :

1- Suggesting plans to provide adequate and appropriate human resources for the directorates and colleges that are included in the university’s strategic plans .

2- Participation in the annual plans related to wages – appointments – promotions – training, in light of the general objectives of the university .

3-  Adequate knowledge and follow-up on developments and events regarding labor and social insurance laws and regulations, and preparing analytical reports on developments in this field .

4- Managing the provision and completion of the university’s human resources and continuous work on measuring the performance of employees and developing their capabilities and efficiency .

5- Supervising the management of training operations for university employees .

6- Participate in the effective periodic evaluation of employees  and propose the necessary training plans and supervise their implementation .

7- Periodic review of the legislative developments related to the employees and follow up of their commitment and implementation .

8- Preparing all human resources reports to the university presidency .

9- Follow up the commitment to implement controls and deliberate plans for appointments at the university .

10- Managing the employees’ entitlements, setting controls for controlling their attendance and leaving, and taking the necessary measures to guarantee the university’s rights .

11- Monitoring compliance with work and personnel regulations that ensure the organization of work within the university .

12- Participate in setting the rules and regulations for promotions at the university .

13- Establishing controls that ensure the completion of the employees’ files and keeping them in an appropriate manner, while taking the necessary measures to ensure that the files contain all the required legal documents and documents .

14- Strengthening the relationship between the university and government agencies related to work and employees .

15- Any work assigned to him by the direct manager .

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