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Media and Advertising Directorate

The Directorate of Information and Advertising at Al-Wataniya Private University , through its four departments , seeks to play an important role in developing the university’s relationship with community institutions , whether educational , economic , social and other , which contributes to deepening the relations of coordination and cooperation , which is reflected positively on the university’s vision and goals , The  directorate also aspires to develop and improve the university’s image and reputation , both locally and internationally , by continuously taking care of the general appearance of the university and everything that would give the best image of it and work on using the most important marketing and promotion mechanisms that contribute to conveying this image to the community , in addition to the directorate’s role Important as a link between the university and the media in order to inform the public of the university’s goals and activities .

The main tasks of the Directorate of Media and Advertising :

1- Introducing the university’s role and mission and striving to build a positive image of the university among its internal and external audience .

2- Designing and developing the visual identity of the university .

3- Publishing all news and announcements related to the university and facilitating the task of media professionals and journalists to obtain information related to the university .

4- Interact with the public and meet their needs for information and facts .

5- Communicate with the media to disseminate the university’s message and the services it provides to students and organize meetings and press conferences .

6- Follow-up of public opinion trends about the university’s activities and achievements .

7- Media documentation of all university activities .

8- Supporting colleges and departments in implementing events and conferences .

9- Follow up on the social aspects and activities of all university affiliates , including employees, professors and students .

10- Building bridges of communication with other Syrian universities .

Sections of the Directorate of Media and Advertising :

Media and Advertising Planning Department

1- Preparing an annual media plan that matches the requirements of the academic community and presenting it to the University President .

2- Advertising planning, systematic marketing and promotion of the university in academic , economic and social circles .

3- Developing the university’s paper and electronic publications policy .

4- Making introductory and promotional films and publishing them through the available digital windows .

5- Press coverage and publication of all university activities .

6- Pre and post promotion of any activity carried out by the university , its directorates and faculties .

7- Preparing and issuing bulletins related to the university’s activities and distributing them inside and outside the university .

8- Assisting and participating in organizing events , conferences , exhibitions , parties and other public relations activities .

9- Assigning tasks and roles to administrators (elements of the Information Directorate) and supervising their implementation and follow-up .

10- Writing quantitative and statistical reports and submitting them to the University President .

Digital Media and Software Department :

1- Designing, implementing and developing software related to the university’s website , and following up on all external pages related to it , such as the university’s social networking pages .

2- Design and implementation of visual effects for film materials related to the university .

3- Implementation of all designs (graphics and related to the university’s paper and electronic publications) .

4- Technical support for public relations tasks – and press editorial operations .

5- Supervising the development of the university’s electronic library .

Technical and Graphic Production Department :

1- Carrying out photography work (video – photograph) .

2- Implementation of artistic works (initial montage – image processing) .

3- Executing the printing works for the directorates of Al-Wataniya University .

4- Developing a data for university cards for students and members of the administrative and teaching staff at the university in cooperation with the Programming Department .

Coverage and Press Editing Section :

1- Reading the news bulletins .

2- Reading articles and reports .

3- Creating good relationships with people .

4- Conducting interviews .

5- Writing , editing and modifying texts and providing backup copies for them .

6- Covering all kinds of events and activities .

7- Proofreading and editing .

8- Verifying the correctness of data and information .

Media translation department :

 English Translator and Archive Editor

Job Level : Head of the Translation Department in Media and Advertising Directorate

Scope of Work : translation, proofreading and editing of media and archival materials

Main tasks and responsibilities :
Under the direct supervision of the Director of Media and Advertising, he will translate , edit and proofread all texts and advertising , visual and print media materials for the Directorate of Information .
1- Translation of administrative books (correspondence)
2- Providing advice on texts in the English language , including ensuring the integrity of language , grammatical rules , structure , style , wording and terminology .
3- Dealing with the Internet in English .
4- Coordination with the Language Center at the university in the management of work .

Job Requirements :
1- Academic qualifications , experience and practical skills .
2- Fluency in English reading , writing and speaking at the level of a mother tongue .
3- Fluency in the Arabic language , written and spoken .
4- Experience in the field of translation , editing and proofreading in English .
5- Preferred but not required (obtaining a C2 result in one of the approved English language exams IELTS or TOEFL) .
6- Getting ready to get training to deal with the Website of Al-Wataniya Private University .

Personal Characteristics :
1- Excellent written and speaking communication skills .
2- Ability to analyze and implement requirements and tasks .
3- Ability to work in a multi-tasking team .

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