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Quality and Reliability Department

Main tasks :

1- Purpose :

 _ Building an integrated system for quality assurance based on continuous improvement of all operations at the National Private University .

 _ Develop and improve the quality and performance of all those concerned with educational , research and administrative operations and programs within the university , in order to serve the educational environment and to achieve the aspirations and goals of the community .

2- Field of application:

 All individuals (educational body – administrative body) whose actions affect the quality of performance and service provision in the university presidency .

3- Implementation steps :

 The Quality Assurance Office at A-Wataniya Private University is working to market the university academically  and to provide an appropriate reflection of the university at the global level and to achieve international academic standards that will give the university scientific accreditation .

 _ Work in this office is carried  out on several axes, which are as follows :

1- NARS: Description of courses and programs according to NARS National Standards, which is the minimum knowledge and skill that a college graduate must possess to ensure good practice of his profession .

2- Program description: It aims to define the basic features of each college and to introduce all the courses and skills that each college possesses (program description form issued by the Ministry of Higher Education) .

3- Course Description : It aims to

_ Setting the basic features of each course , such as the course code and the number of lecturers , in addition to the academic qualifications of the lecturers .

_ The main topics covered by each course , the total number of weeks to cover the course , and the number of theoretical , practical and approved hours required for each course .

_ Realizing the general objectives of the course and the intended learning outcomes (ILOs) .

_ Preparing strategic plans for the university .

 _ Draw a general strategy for the university, which includes :

1- The vision and mission of Al-Wataniya Private University .

2- Departments and colleges .

3- Strategic goals , operational objectives , programs , plans and time plan .

4- Those charged with implementing the goals and monitoring the implementation process .

5- A logical framework that explains the strategy (attached to the strategy).

_ The course description form issued by the Ministry of Higher Education is being worked on .

_ Supervising the registration of faculty members in the NSR national database .

_ Registering the members of the educational body in the national database by distributing paper and electronic forms to the members .

_ The registration was  done in the Quality Office and the members were electronically registered after receiving the paper forms from them .

_ Supervising the registration of faculty members in google scholar .

_ Registering the faculty members in the Google Scholar engine and linking the email to the university’s academic email .

_ Preparing a form for supervising postgraduate studies for members of the university’s teaching staff according to a united form .

_ Describing of the university laboratories according to a unified model .

_ Work to implement the 10 standards in the academic accreditation of colleges at the university in cooperation and coordination with the deans and college coordinators .

4- Follow up with the training office and provide them with the necessary forms .

5- Follow up with the graduates tracking office and provide them with the necessary forms .

6- Designing and distributing the complaints form and circulating it to all collages and directorates :

The customer complains forms with the university and the complaint routing form to the concerned authority were  designed , where the forms are distributed to all colleges and student union bodies , and then processed to the concerned authority .

7- Reference documents :

Standards for quality assurance and measuring the performance of educational institution based on Higher Education Council Resolution No.136 .

8- Relevant documents :

CV template

Postgraduate Supervision Form

Student Statistics Form

Administrators form by qualification

Self-report form

A model of activities carried out with community institutions

Maintenance model

Teaching staff model according to the scientific quality

Laboratory Description Form

Program description form

Course Description Form

Infrastructure Model

College mission and goals

Self-report of the National University

Periodic Maintenance Form

Model Number of Scientific Researches Pertained to Number of Teaching Staff

College development plan  template

A scientific research form nominated for the publication reward

University Customer Complaint Form

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