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Student Affairs Directorate

Duties of the Student Affairs Director :

1- Uploading the results of the comparison and the names of those accepted .

2- Submitting the university calendar proposal to the University Council .

3- Checking the documents and graduation certificates of university graduates, visa them and handing them over to their owners .

4- Direct supervision of the directorate’s employees and to ensure that their tasks are performed with the highest possible efficiency .

5- Preparing work development plans and employment plans within the directorate .

6- Describing the tasks of the employees and evaluating their performance within the directorate .

Responsibilities of the Registration Division :

1- Organizing and checking the registration processes for students , both in paper and electronically .

2- Checking requests for deletion , addition and withdrawal from the treatment course by the colleges affairs .

3- Accepting applications (registration – withdrawal from the university – change of specialization) within the university calendar periods and processing them .

4- Organizing (university life records – students’ self – student cases) .

5- Approval of equivalent courses for transferred students and graduates of institutes before the students are registered and the University Council’s decision is issued .

6- Preparing documents (university life – postponement document from science service – status statement) .

7- Ensure that a hard copy + electronic copy of all documents related to the student is kept within the student’s file .

8- Ensuring the implementation of all decisions issued by the university councils and follow-up . 

9- Keeping a hard copy + electronic copy of all university councils and ministerial decisions .

10- Preparing a statistic of the number of registered students and the movement of students within each semester and submitting it to the direct manager .

Responsibilities of the Admission Division :

1- Preparing and organizing the comparison process and announcing it in advance .

2- Organizing the process of receiving students and receiving and processing applications for differentiation and equivalency of courses .

3- Download paper and electronic applications .

4- Preparing university numbers and data of accepted students to prepare university cards by the media department .

5- Equivalence of non-Syrian certificates through the Ministry of Higher Education .

6- Verifying the validity of Syrian and non-Syrian certificates through the directorates and the Ministry of Higher Education .

7- Ensuring the accuracy of the transcripts for those admitted and graduates of institutes through the Ministry of Higher Education .

8- Preparing statistics on the numbers of applicants and those accepted for comparison .

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