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University Board of Trustees

It is generally concerned with all scientific and educational affairs, and scientific research at the university

The Council has the following functions, powers and responsibilities:

1 – Implementation of the University’s general policy through the design and organization of educational, research and training programmes at the University and the development of plans to provide adequate possibilities for this.

2 – Laying out plans for constructing buildings and completing and developing laboratories, equipment and libraries at the university.

3 – Suggesting the university’s rules of procedure and the internal regulations of colleges and institutes.

4 – Approval of the appointment of members of the educational body within the University and establish contractual systems and dispatch them, determining their compensation, remuneration and all other matters related to their work.

5 – Suggesting the salaries of members of the University’s educational staff  to the Board of Trustees.

6 – Setting rules for selecting deans, their deputies and heads of departments.

7 – Proposing the conditions for admission students and determining their number at the university to the Board of Trustees, in order not to contravene the rules adopted by the Higher Education Council.

8 – Organizing the affairs of various scholarships and rewards in the light of the decisions of the Board of Trustees.

9 – Determination the university calendar, especially the start and completion of teaching in each semester, the dates of exams, approving their results, and holidays for students and the educational body.

10 – Proposing to discontinue teaching in some faculties and specializations.

11 – Awarding academic degrees.

12 – Proposing the acceptance of donations are received by the university through endowments, wills, gifts and others from inside or outside the Syrian Arab Republic, and disposing of them in accordance with Syrian legislation to achieve the goals of the university and in accordance with the interest of the state.

13 – Setting and organizing the general policy for securing and organizing books, references, university periodicals and electronic libraries.

14 – Setting regulations for libraries, hospitals, museums, university cities and other university facilities and activities.

15 – Proposing to conclude cooperation agreements with Syrian, Arab and foreign universities and Arab, regional and international organizations after the approval of the Higher Education Council.

16 – Considering any other matter that the university president or any member of the University Board of Trustees deems necessary to amend.

17 – Delegating the university president to some of the Council’s competencies.

18 – Discussing the annual report on the university’s work, the annual budget draft and the annual workplan for the university’s projects before submitting it to the Board of Trustees.

University Board of Trustees of Al-Wataniya Private University

Prof.Dr.Asaad Abu Alsood Lotfi

Chairman of University Board of Trustees

Dr.Abdulhamid Al- Molkii

Vice Chairman of University Board of Trustees

Prof.Dr. Ahed Khuzam President of University

( member )

Prof.Dr.hassan Halabieah

( member )

Prof.Dr Kanjo Kanjo

( member )

Prof.Dr Durgham Yusuf Al-Rahhal

( member )

Prof.Dr Muhammed Mustafa Al-Fadel

( member )

Mr. Muhammed Samir Al-Barazi

( member )

Mr. Abdulatif Al-Habbal

( member )

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