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University Council

The Council has the following functions, powers and responsibilities :

1- Drawing up the general policy of the university, defining its objectives, supervising their achievement and monitoring their implementation in light of the higher education policy.

2- Adopt the general plans that are necessary to achieve the university’s goals and work on developing the university and improving its performance.

3- Approving the regulations and instructions to organize the work of the university, its management and control of its affairs.

4- Laying down the internal system, including the internal regulations, the financial system of the university, and other regulations for ratification by the Ministry of Higher Education.

5- Studying the creation of colleges, departments, or academic programs, merging them with others, or canceling them.

6- Proposing the appointment of the university president in coordination with the owner and submitting the proposal to the Minister of Higher Education.

7- Naming the university’s vice presidents, defining the tasks of each of them in agreement with the university president, the deans of the faculties, and determining their wages and compensation.

8- Discussing the annual plan presented by the University Council for the executive projects of the university’s policy and development projects with the owner and approving it.

9- Discussing and approving the allocations required for the various university facilities, such as construction, supplies, salary scale, wages, compensation and rewards.

10- Discussing and approving the annual report, the draft general budget and final accounts of the university, and depositing a copy of the university’s annual budget with the Ministry of Higher Education.

11- Determining the number of students are accepted annually to join the university in accordance with the rules approved by the Higher Education Council.

12- Determining the premiums, tuition fees, university housing wages, how they are paid, the conditions for exemption from them, the rules for granting rewards, financial and non-financial subsidies, and the cost of health insurance in agreement with the owner.

13- Approval of determining the salary scale for all university employees, including members of the teaching staff, based on the proposal of the University Council.

14- Accepting donations that come to the university through endowments, wills, gifts, grants and others from inside or outside the Syrian Arab Republic after the approval of the Minister of Higher Education, and disposing of them in accordance with Syrian legislation to achieve the university’s goals and in accordance with the interest of the state and the creation of a special fund for donations.

15- Suggesting approval of cooperation agreements with Syrian, Arab and foreign universities concluded by the university, and receiving academic figures after the approval of the Higher Education Council.

16- Considering any matter related to the university presented by the president of the university that does not fall within the powers of any other body in accordance with the provisions of this bylaw.

17- The council may form permanent or temporary committees from among its members and others, and defines their tasks and compensation for them, and it may delegate some of its powers to any of them.

University Council of Al-Wataniya Private University

Dr. Hayyan Hamdan

Dean of the Faculty of Administrative and Financial Sciences

Dr. Shoaib Al-Ahmad

Dean of the Faculty of Pharmacy

Prof.Dr. Safwat Ibrahim Pasha

Dean of the Faculty of Architecture

Dr. Abdulqader Al- Jundi

Dean of the Faculty of Engineering

Dr.Tarik Abo Ajwah

Dean of the Faculty of Dentistry

Dr. Maha Salloum

Representative of the Ministry of Higher Education

Dr. Yassin Al Mohsen

Teachers Union Representative

Abdulkarim Al-Naasan

Student Union Representative

Ms. Myleen Matanios Makhoul


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