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Vision and Goals

Working on developing knowledge and presenting it to its students and benefiting its society in order to contribute to development and building human civilization

1- Excellence at the educational level in terms of specializations and curricula, which will be achieved when several aspects are taken into account, including:

  • The specializations taught at this university are those that are primarily needed by the region and provide its students with a guaranteed future. These are disciplines whose content evolves with the evolution of needs.
  • Preparing the specialization curricula carefully, taking into account the scientific and training aspect so that they have the largest part of it, as well as the overall aspects that are useful in building the student who will face practical life after graduation, and in this regard benefit from the curricula of similar specialties and the school in international universities.
  • The foreign language (English) should be a basic subject for the student to master as a requirement for moving to recent years.
  • Paying special attention to the Arabic language, especially sound scientific expression, both oral and written, and allocating a study subject to that in the early years.
  • Providing continuous technical qualification for university employees to raise their level of knowledge and familiarize them of scientific and practical developments.

2- Excellence at the educational level in terms of teaching participants, they are one of the main pillars of education, and their distinction necessarily means the university’s educational and scientific research, and to achieve this requires:

  • The formation of a core of the best teachers, which represents a guarantee of the quality of teaching in each specialization.
  • Attracting the best teachers to work at the university by providing the best that universities in the region offer in terms of incentives and work environment.
  • Holding research seminars by faculty members at the university directed to graduate students and to the public in general.
  • Inviting Syrian researchers and faculty members who are residing abroad to contribute to the development of the university and to teach some of its courses, especially those related to recent years or postgraduate studies.
  • Encouraging communication between the teachers of Al- Wataniya University with the teachers in universities, institutes and research centers in the country or abroad, by organizing mutual visits and joint workshops.
  • Enlisting in teaching, especially the  applied, skilled businessmen, industry and agriculture to present a picture of the real state of business fields at the local, national and regional levels.

1- Contributing to the achievement of the goals of higher education in the Syrian Arab Republic, working to raise the level of scientific, technical and cultural human resources, and linking them to the needs of society, giving society special attention, economically and culturally, and meeting the needs of current and future development by adopting distinct, appropriate and dynamic competencies, as well as training and continuing education in line with Arab culture.

2- Activate scientific research at the university and direct it towards the service and development of society.

3- Contributing to the education of a self-confident, self-loving generation that is independent in thinking, creativity and participation in collective action through targeted scientific, cultural, sporting and social activities.

4- Preparing a graduate who is able to engage in the labor market and creativity.

5- Enhancing Arab cultural and social integration.

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