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(A Covenant That We Renew With Knowledge, Steadfastness And Victory ) A Meaningful Student Conference Sponsored By The branch of the National Union of Syrian Students at Al-Wataniya Private University

The National Union of Syrian Students – Al-Wataniya Private University Branch, headed by Abdulkarim Al-Nasaan, held a unique student conference under the slogan (A Covenant That We Renew With Knowledge, Steadfastness And Victory ) to elect student bodies in the university’s various faculties for the academic year 2021-2022. The opening of the conference came on Sunday 8/1/2023 carrying  with it different hashtags (#share_with_us , #you_vote_is_a_responsibility) to involve students from different academic years in the electoral process of the bodies and push them towards communicating their ideas and proposals to the authorities responsible for them in the university.

Prof.Dr. Ahed Khuzam inaugurated the student conference alongside Dr. Hazem Milli, Vice President of Al-Wataniya Private University, and Abdulkarim Al-Nasaan, Head of the National Union of Syrian Students Branch at Al-Wataniya Private University. They hosted the various faculties of the university with their deanships, students, and student bodies for five consecutive days, allocating one day for each one.  From the faculties in succession, starting with (College of Pharmacy with its Dean Dr. Shuaib Al-Ahmad, College of Dentistry with its Dean Dr. Tarek Abou Agwa, College of Architecture and Urban Planning with its Dean Prof. Dr. Safwat Ibrahim Pasha, College of Administrative and Financial Sciences with its Dean Dr. Hayan Hamdan, College of Engineering with its Dean  Dr. Abdulqader  Al-Jundi), where the student bodies presented at the beginning of each day of the conference a final video report for the past academic year, including the achievements, scientific events, visits and various successes at all academic, practical and recreational levels.

Prof.Dr.Ahed Khuzam, President of the Al-Wataniya Private University, explained the importance of holding these student conferences for their effective role in drawing the features of the upcoming academic years, highlighting the most important achievements, and showing the extent of hard work and efforts being made for the success of the university’s future plans that achieve the students’ goals and endeavors, attention and keenness to benefit from academic information and the direct endeavor towards its application, noting the university’s insistence on overcoming all obstacles and overcoming difficulties in front of students and pushing them towards self-realization and success in their professional future.

Prof.Dr. Ahed Khuzam also stressed the necessity of distinction, as it reflects the personality of the bearer and the extent of his involvement and effectiveness in society, which requires students to have more patience, work, and commitment in their field of study, and the formation of new motives to start different scientific stages, such as completing postgraduate studies and carrying out scientific and laboratory research that will produce results, concrete and useful on the ground.

 And in turn, the President of the National Union of Syrian Students at Al-Wataniya Private University, Abdulkarim Al-Nasaan, opened the door to discussion and dialogue with students to put forward their ideas and problems in order to search for solutions to them and add development proposals that the university seeks to take into consideration and work on studying and implementing them in the event that the feasibility of studying them is achieved.

The students of the Faculty of Pharmacy discussed some issues related to practical and laboratory equipment that require the process of development and complete preparation for the ease of carrying out practical application within the laboratories, and some noted the need to accelerate the construction of the Faculty of Pharmacy building and university housing, neighboring laboratories and pharmaceutical laboratories and filling their need for practical experience, in the light of strategic discussions based on realistic and logical foundations, directly with the Dean of the College, the President of Al-Wataniya Private University and the President of the National Union in it.

On the second day of the conference, Dentistry students discussed the system of practical groups and the urgent need to continue the series of special scientific conferences in dental sciences, which was touched upon by the President of  the University, Prof. Dr. Ahed Khuzam, trying to highlight some important points for students about the need to raise scientific competence and their attendance at practical sessions, and the extent of the work exerted in order to attract doctors from various similar Syrian and foreign universities to give them experiences and skills that would strengthen their practical side and achieve the greatest possible benefit for the beneficiaries in an actual step to link the university with the local community and introduce students to the real and actual labor market on the ground.

In a related context, and for the third consecutive day of the student conference program, Dr. Hazem Milli, Vice President of Al-Wataniya Private University, and Prof. Dr. Safwat Ibrahim Pasha, Dean of the College of Architecture and Urban Planning, stressed in their direct conversation with the students the need for them to present development proposals to give added value that will develop the work of the university and its approach in providing the greatest possible benefit to students and the necessity of carrying out scientific research and converting projects into valuable academic research that increases the experiences of students and supervising professors and enhances the university’s classification and high scientific rank, while the students discussed the Dean of the college, Prof. Dr. Safwat Ibrahim Pasha, about weaknesses and strengths, and the negatives and positives . Such as the necessity of compensating their educational losses, finding out the errors contained in their architectural projects, and making scientific trips to see the construction and architectural design of the various facilities and buildings.

Similarly, the organizers of the conference met with the Dean of the College of Administrative and Financial Sciences and its student body and students. Prof.Dr. Ahed Khuzam addressed the students about the university’s endeavors to sign multiple scientific agreements with similar universities, whether internal or external, and to work on selecting distinguished students with the highest averages.  From all academic years and sending them on educational and professional missions to the labor market with the condition that they obtain high rates in the English Language and providing them with opportunities to make various visits to banks and banks to see how the work is going and the networks linked internally to the banks, while many students demanded to hold training courses for them  to learn the basics of mathematical arithmetic and English vocabulary related to banking.

On the closing day of the student conference event under the auspices of the National Union of Syrian Students – Al-Wataniya Private University branch, the students of the Faculty of Engineering in its branches (Communications – Informatics – Civil) discussed some important points regarding the need to develop academic courses to keep pace with developments in technologies and modern information in technology sciences and the need to hold courses  developmental for students to link the practical side with theory (Programming languages, Information technology, Design programs, etc.) and provide the necessary equipment and techniques to conduct valuable scientific and practical research and projects.

In essence, the student conference aspired to facilitate the electoral process for student bodies in the various faculties of the university, which was carried out perfectly according to successive stages, as well as covering all issues and problems facing students, starting with talking about the applicable study systems, the system for downloading study materials, the examination and monitoring system, and the practical categories, all the way to  compensation for educational losses, carrying out scientific research, training courses, scientific visits, holding educational conferences and seminars that raise students together and facilitate the path to success, with interest in signing scientific agreements that serve students and professors, and consolidate the idea of ​​scientific and student exchange with other universities, aiming to build a distinguished graduate who is able to start his career, engaging in the labor market and providing benefit to himself and his society alike.

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