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A Distinguished Launch for The Training Workshop on Vocational and Academic Guidance for Graduates at Al-Wataniya Private University

This morning, the training workshop for vocational and academic guidance for graduates of all scientific specializations from the faculties of Al-Wataniya Private University was launched in the Central Auditorium, in the presence of a number of administrative and educational cadres, and with the participation of a group of graduate students who are in the process of graduating and wishing to obtain practical skills and experience to start their professional future in a decent way.

The training program began on its first day with an interactive training session for Ms. Lubana Raslan, Head of the Graduates Tracking Office at the University.  In it, Raslan highlighted the importance of the graduates’ work on networking between  academic studies and practical life, and to start thinking

consciously about the need to consolidate the concept of positivity and employ it in thinking and daily life behavior, which will directly reflect on their social behavior and then their ability to solve problems. Through presenting a short motivational video, Ms. Lubana Raslan was able to deliver many important  messages to the graduates and the steps they must follow to start their professional career, such as (the decision-making process – setting goals – setting priorities – overcoming fears, having strong will and other instructions) in order to deliver  highlighting the importance of the individual’s behavior towards enhancing his abilities and skills and thinking positively.

Ms. Lubana Raslan also explained the basic principles that students must rely on at a later stage of graduation, including the principle of self-improvement, the law of simple addition, the law of wasted  efforts, the manufacture of orientation, passion, and psychological toughness, all of which poured into the field of the necessity of possessing a healthy, successful mentality that is more capable of openness and development than  It will drive them to continuous learning, the pursuit of success, and control of their careers to the fullest.

In a related context, the training workshop continued with a second training session for Ms. Melen Makhoul, Director of Human Resources at Al-Wataniya Private University, under the title (Competencies Related to Job Readiness).  Where Ms. Melen  Makhoul provided important educational instructions on the optimal behavior to obtain job opportunities and the importance of defining the main goal of the graduate and his continuous work to achieve it.

With regard to Ms. Melen Makhoul in the second axis refers to the skills that a graduate must possess to apply for a job or build his own project, which will increase his chances of success if he can enhance them positively, including (critical thinking with problem-solving, the ability to communicate in all its forms, and teamwork by establishing cooperative relationships with colleagues  negotiation and conflict management, as well as the importance of having knowledge of digital technology and benefiting from it in the workplace, especially as we live in the era of technology and information.

In her speech, Ms. Melen Makhoul stated that the graduate must possess the skill of leadership and employ it in his success and the success of others, in addition to adhering to work ethics and respecting it, leading to professional competence, the need for openness, acceptance of development, thinking holistically, and working on developing all capabilities and skills to reach the correct professional behavior.

As a conclusion to the course of the first day of the interactive training workshop, Ms. Melen Makhoul prepared a detailed explanation on how to prepare CVs, starting with the basic contents and sections, and identifying their personal implications and the impressions they leave on the employer about the personality of the employee and his professional and ethical performance, thus answering all the questions and inquiries received  of the graduates present in an interactive and valuable training atmosphere that will pave the way for them to enter the labor market.

It is worth noting that the training workshop for vocational and academic guidance continues, starting from today, Tuesday, 11/22/2022, until Thursday, 11/24/2022, which includes an integrated, interactive series of training sessions delivered by a professor and specialized lecturers within the framework of work to raise the scientific and professional competence of the graduate and raise  their scientific and practical suit to start their way to the best.



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