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A Scientific Trip for Students of The Faculty of Architecture and Urban Planning to Al-Baath University Hospital in Homs

The Faculty of Architecture and Urban Planning at Al-Wataniya Private University held a Scientific Trip for fourth-year students to Al-Baath University Hospital in Homs under the supervision of the Dean of the Faculty, Prof. Dr. Safwat Ibrahim Pasha, Professor of the Architectural Design Course /6/ with

the participation of a group of architects and organized by the student body, yesterday, Sunday  corresponding to 11/20/2022.

The visit aimed to acquaint the students with the University Hospital and to study and analyze the general site and its relationship with the neighborhood (entrance axes – block placement – parking lots – green areas – pedestrian paths ..) The students were also briefed on the interior design of the hospital with the study of all departments and their relationship with each other (Entrance Hall  and Administration – Ambulance Department – Operations Department – Outpatient Clinics Department – Residence Department – Services) and studying the movement of visitors, the movement of patients, and the medical and student staff

In the same context, the visit aimed to acquaint the students with a well-thought-out practical method

to strengthen them and refine their practical experiences, in addition to the theoretical study, to guide them scientifically and practically, benefiting from the directives and suggestions of the teaching  staff in order to prepare a successful analytical study that shows the pros and cons of the design.

At the end of the Scientific Trip, the students also visited the College of Architecture on the Campus of Al-Baath University and viewed the College’s Website and Internal Departments, which would enrich their knowledge and strengthen their skills in analyzing urban sites and buildings and studying them in an accurate scientific manner.

It should be noted that this scientific visit to the College of Architecture and Urban Planning is the second

 of its kind at the beginning of this new academic year, which is what the college administration is working on in linking the theoretical side with the practical side, which enhances the practical  capabilities of students and builds their experiences according to scientific foundations compatible with the land of reality.

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