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A Special Visit by The Pharmacists Syndicate in Hama to the College of Pharmacy

Internship Event … Application of Specific Expertise and Skills

The Faculty of Pharmacy at Al-Wataniya Private University witnessed a special visit from the Pharmacists Syndicate in Hama on Wednesday 5/4/2023 within the framework of the practical application of the Internship Course, as it is a real step towards seeking and knowing the training reality for students from different academic years from the second to the fifth year.

The course of the training event was supervised by (Dr. Shoaib Al-Ahmad, Dean of the College of Pharmacy Dr. Tallah Al-Milli, Deputy Dean, Dr. Badri Al-Alfa, Head of the Pharmacists Syndicate in Hama, Dr. Anton Jabbour, member of the technical staff, Dr. Hani Salim, faculty member, and Dr. Abdulkarim Maghmuma, head of the Department of Biochemistry and Microbiology).

The activity included about 500 hours of field training outside the university to provide an opportunity for students of the second, third, fourth and fifth years to train in pharmacies on preparing medical pharmaceutical preparations, prescribing appropriate medications for the disease and replacing medications due to the need to take into account chronic diseases (hypertension, diabetes, heart disease, pregnant and lactating women and others…),and how to deal with patients, read prescriptions, and many other skills that a distinguished pharmacist must possess and apply in practice.

The final stage of the training event aimed to measure the expert pharmacists and doctors’ ability to answer questions about the trade names of medicines and their scientific compositions, and their ability to switch between medicines and the principles of dealing with patients and pharmacists alike, after the practical training period.

Far-reaching goals that Al-Wataniya Private University aims for by involving students in valuable scientific activities that raise their scientific and training foundation and provide them with all possible means and tools to create experiences and acquire qualitative skills, aspiring thereby to graduate qualified pharmacists who are able to engage in professional reality and advance it and develop it with their knowledge and competence.

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