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A Targeted   Scientific Visit for Students of The Faculty of Administrative and Financial Sciences

 To Hama Cotton Yarn Company (Spinning Factory)

The Faculty of Administrative and Financial Sciences at Al-Wataniya Private University held a scientific trip for the third-year students from all departments of the college (management, accounting and marketing) to the Hama Cotton Yarn Company (Spinning Factory) within the framework of the Cost

Accounting course, on Tuesday 11/22/2022 under the supervision of the Dean of the College, Dr. Hayan Hamdan, and Prof. Dr. Youssef Al-Abdullah Al-Ahmad, Head of the Accounting Department, and Dr. Hussam Al-Aswad, Teacher of the Cost Accounting course in the context of scientific activities aimed at involving students in the practical and applied reality of their courses.

The students were accompanied by the General Manager of the Company, Eng. Qasim Al-Mousa, and the Production Manager and the Costs and Accounts Manager, on an introductory tour through which the students were introduced to the stages of production, where they witnessed the packaging and weighing operations and the warehouse of the final disposable product.

On the other hand, those in charge of the factory departments provided an abundant and detailed explanation to the students about each costing, administrative and organizational department, which enabled them to distinguish between direct and indirect materials and the elements of fixed and

variable costs, in addition to acquiring the ability to differentiate between direct and indirect industrial expenses, both fixed and variable, through  direct comparison  during the production and industrial process, so that they know how to calculate costs and classify expenses to determine the cost of a

product or service and its benefits for management control purposes and to calculate the cost of selling, production and distribution.

In the context of the scientific tour to the Spinning and Weaving Factory in Hama, the professors explained to the participating students the most important scientific points and observations that they must take into consideration, and the importance of benefiting from the vision of the practical

application of the progress of the production process and financial cost calculations, as they are a practical example that they can rely on in their practical experience later, providing the students with the maximum  possible benefit from applied information and experiences in order to link academic scientific material with practical application on the ground.

It should  be noted that the scientific visit of the Faculty of Administrative and Financial Sciences to the Hama Cotton Yarn Company (Spinning Factory) comes within the framework of upgrading the educational and applied level of the curricula and refining the students’ experiences and practical skills in

the belief in their ability to transform theoretical knowledge and science into a tangible practical reality.

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