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A Training Course in Learning Drawing Skills Towards Preparing New Students to Pass The Entrance Exam in the Faculty of Architecture at Al-Wataniya Private University

As part of its preparations for the new academic year, the Faculty of Architecture and Architectural Planning at Al-Wataniya Private University has prepared a Training Course in learning drawing skills to prepare new students for the competition for admission to the Faculty of Architecture.

The Training Course was launched on 8/27/2022 in the College of Architecture under the auspices of the Dean of the College, Dr. Safwat Ibrahim Pasha, and under the supervision and preparation of a group of faculty, and Educational and Technical Body members of the College (Dr. Issa Ajoub, Ass.Prof. Imad Tulaimat, Ass.Prof.Samira Medawar, Ass.Prof. Amna Shehadeh, Ass.Prof.  Meri Samuel and Ass.Prof. Jamila Husseino), in an effective step towards preparing students and qualifying them theoretically and practically to pass the entrance exam and join the College of Architecture.

As speaking about the importance of holding the training course for students, the Dean of the Faculty of Architecture, Dr. Safwat Ibrahim Pasha, said: “The current course is an important step for students wishing to register as it seeks to teach them the methods of free drawing smoothly and flexibly, and train them to draw shapes of geometric volumes from different angles and use shadow and light, in order to show the architectural depth.

Dr. Safwat Ibrahim Pasha also stressed the scientific and cognitive necessity of the training course as “it sheds light on the concept of the architectural perspective as it depicts the external mass in its three dimensions, which helps students to visualize the architectural space in the future, especially since they do not have a previous knowledge background, these scientific materials presented to them. They will hone their drawing skills as a basic subject in the early years and a basis for the rest of the scientific and practical subjects.”

In the same context, the Program continues its theoretical and practical sessions for students over a period of eight days, in which efforts are combined to bring students towards the first step of success. For the Faculty of Architecture, because architecture requires the student’s mental and cognitive readiness and empowering him with the basic knowledge and principles in drawing, which we present to him to develop his knowledge and perceptions, awaken his talents and skills, and urge him to love architecture.

Which was confirmed by Ass.Prof. Amna Shehadeh, a Member of the Technical Body at the College of Architecture and Holder of a Master’s degree in Fine Arts, said: “Painting is the first step in the path of learning, and it is the most important part that students must master to join the College of Architecture, so when our approach begins in the architectural space, a journey into art must be based on foundations and clear methods of free drawing with aesthetic approaches to architectural drawing.

Eight days in which knowledge and experience are mixed and united to extend a helping hand to the students and help them start their career paths with perfection and passion by preparing them for a trial examination similar to the general examination on the closing day of the course. The second Training Course in learning drawing skills will be launched on Saturday 10/09/2022. It continues for two consecutive weeks after the end of the current session, putting the keys to success in the hands of students to start a new journey in the field of science and knowledge.


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