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After Its Advancement In Asia and The World.. AD Scientific Index Website

 Congratulates Al-Wataniya Private University And Includes It In Its Scientific Classification

The AD Scientific Index website for evaluating scientific journals and universities around the world congratulated Al-Wataniya Private University for entering the door of competition in the scientific ranking race of Syrian, Arab and international universities, and for achieving the twentieth rank at the level of Syrian universities, the rank No. 7245 at the level of Asia, and the rank No. 15145 in the world.

The AD Scientific Index (Alper-Doger Scientific Index) is an evaluation system for journals and universities, as it is a classification and analysis system based on scientific performance and the added value of the scientific productivity of participating researchers as individuals.

In addition, it classifies educational institutions based on the scientific characteristics of the researchers affiliated with them and what they offer of  research, scientific publications, experiences, and unique scientific and academic advantages based on the index (H index) and the index (i 10 index), which in turn qualifies the institutions they follow to obtain the highest ranks in the scientific classification.

The results of the previous scientific classification come in support of the university’s desire to improve the attitudes of its professors and educational cadres towards science and to employ the scientific methodology in thinking and work and interest in scientific research.  It measures the extent to which they employ scientific knowledge and skills in the service of education in particular and the service of the local community in general.


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