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Al-Wataniya Private University Hosting for the Fourteenth Scientific Research Competition For Students of Dental Faculties in Syrian Universities

The activities of the Fourteenth Scientific Research Competition for students of dental faculties in Syrian universities, hosted by Al-Wataniya Private University, concluded on Wednesday, 18/1/2023, with the student Fatimah Shikshok from Cordoba Private University winning the first place by preparing a distinguished scientific research entitled Knowledge, Attitude, and Practice of Syrian  Dentists towards Cone-Beam Computed Tomography (CBCT) under the supervision of Dr. Bakr Haddad.

The activity of the Fourteenth Scientific Research Competition in Dentistry lasted for one day, in which a number of Syrian universities participated (Hama University, Al-Rasheed University, Al-Shahbaa Private University, Cordoba Private University, Al-Wataniya Private University) under the supervision of the competition coordinator, Dr. Imad Branjikji.

Where the students presented ten scientific papers in the field of dentistry, which were subject to arbitration and scientific evaluation according to accurate research principles and standards by a capable arbitration committee consisting of (Prof. Dr. Arwa Khair, Dr. Essam Jamous, Prof. Dr. Khaldoun Muhammad Atef Darwish, Dr. Fadi Al-Jouda).

While the two students; Sarah Roubah and Yasser Al-Halaby from Al-Wataniya Private University ranked second by presenting a valuable scientific research entitled (Detecting the relationship between enamel and dentin radiographic density and dental caries using cone beam CT) under the supervision of Dr. Imad BranJikji, while the student Mayas Mobaid and her supervisor  Dr. Hamza Abbas from Al-Shahbaa Private University won the third place with her scientific research participation under the title (Evaluation of shear bond strength between gingival shade composite resin and denture base acrylic resin after different type of surface modification).

Many students participated with their supervisors by submitting their scientific theses in the Fourteenth Scientific Research Competition in order to encourage and support their colleagues to carry out scientific research due to its importance in raising their scientific and professional competence, in conjunction with the keenness and interest of Al-Wataniya Private University to build an ambitious scientific generation capable of spreading the concept of scientific research  And enhance its value and status among students.

We will provide you with the photo media report later.

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