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“Conclusion of The Series of Interactive Workshops at The Faculty of Administrative and Financial Sciences”

Al-Wataniya  Private University, in cooperation with the BDC, has prepared a new workshop entitled “Successful Job Interviews” at the amphitheatre of the Faculty of Administrative and Financial Sciences within the University, where the workshop complemented a series of previous lectures delivered by the management consultant at the Center for Business Development Professor Zahir Shirazi Sabbagh with a generous presence from the Dean of the Faculty of Administrative and Financial Sciences Dr. Hayan Hamdan and Dr.Abeer Zeidani

The training workshop addressed the most important skills required to enter the labour market. Professor Al-Sabbagh explained to students how to prepare a successful job interview, addressing several important points such as the first impressions of the new employee and the basics of dealing when applying for work. Al-Sabbagh reported that the aim of holding such training sessions is “To integrate and engage students in the labour market and prepare them mentally and practically for future professional challenges.”

Professor Zahir Al-Sabbagh also emphasized the need for familiarity with common questions raised during job interviews such as CVs, past experiences, basic motivations for applying for work as well as personal qualifications, thus explaining the best ways to answer previous questions.

In order to enhance the abilities and skills of the students of the Faculty of Administrative and Financial Sciences, the workshop targeted students from different school years to provide them with the theoretical knowledge needed to start their career at a later stage, while the workshop was interactive participatory and contributed to enriching and enriching students’ knowledge and refinement of their practical experiences.

It should be noted that this workshop is the fourth of its kind in existing interactive training workshops as a result of joint work and significant efforts by the private national university in collaboration with the BDC Business Development Center.

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