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 The Goal of The Closing Day of The Training Workshop on Professional and Academic Guidance for Graduates

The training workshop on vocational and academic guidance for graduates concluded its training program for the last day in the Central Auditorium within Al-Wataniya Private University on Thursday 11/24/2022 with an interactive scientific training lecture by trainer Samer Al-Aswad – Executive Director of Ideas Plus – under the title (The Right Paths to Enter The Labor Market).  In the context of guidance and practical support for the skills of students and their ability to market themselves properly and spread the spirit of desire and strong will among the attendees.

Coach Samer Al-Aswad explained through explaining his scientific and professional experience to the students, the most prominent difficulties that they may face in their search for the appropriate place for their abilities and scientific qualifications, in addition to the points that they must pay attention to in their personal choices for their field of study, and to ensure the approval of the academic branch because of their experiences and desires that will qualify them properly  automatic for success and creativity in their future career.

Coach Samer Al-Aswad also remarked remarkably on the need for students to pay attention to all areas that would increase their knowledge, refine their experiences, add real touches to their skills, and work seriously to acquire scientific expertise and knowledge from all the opportunities available to them, which makes them practically qualified to receive and engage in any professional experience on the field at  high level of efficiency.

In a related context, the training program continued its course with a scientific training session for Mr. Soubhy Al-Haiek – a Trained Teacher for non-native English speakers – under the title (The Academic Path Guiding How to Apply for Scholarships and Masters), in which he presented a comprehensive scientific definition of academic scholarships, explaining to students the most important and common misconceptions about  Scholarships and the right ways to apply for them.

In his lecture, Mr. Soubhy Al-Haiek touched on the types of scholarships available (fully funded scholarships, partially funded scholarships, scholarships for academic financing only without other additions) and in turn explained to the students the most important scholarship providers, including grants provided by local internal institutions such as (Said Scholarship and foundation scholarship  Special Agha Khan Scholarships for residents within the country) in addition to international scholarships such as (Chevening, Daad, MEXT).

As for the mechanism for applying for scholarships and the necessary steps for it, Mr. Soubhy al-Haiek explained to the graduates the most important official and unofficial papers required of them to prepare their personal files and attach them to some special documents such as the letter of recommendation, which he elaborated on its importance and how to prepare it, in addition to talking about what it is.  The motivation letter and the importance of presenting it to the donor.

He concluded his scientific lecture with the most prominent and important international scholarships available to graduates at the present time, starting from the least covering tuition expenses up to the largest funding (the Russian-Indian-Chinese-ICCR-Hungarian-Daad-Chevening-Said scholarships).

It is worth noting the university’s continuous work to hold such training workshops for graduates, seeking and believing in its important and necessary role in graduating qualified and specialized scientific competencies and statures capable of starting the career path in a decent manner.






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