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The third day's report on the third scientific week Keep going. Next Phase Logo meet to rise."

The Vice-Chancellor of the Private National University of Scientific Affairs, Dr. Hazem Melly, expressed the importance of holding scientific conferences as they aim to raise scientific competence and professional capabilities. He thanked all those who attended the scientific conference, including teachers, lecturers and students.

The theoretical topics presented on the third scientific day were several. Dr. Mohammed Al Hafiz, a faculty member of the Private University of El-Hawash, prepared a lecture entitled

“Digital Compensation Dentistry” in which he focused on the most important design and manufacturing techniques CAMCAD and the urgent need for dental imaging, diagnosis and documentation in scientific articles.

The Deputy Dean of the Faculty of Dental Affairs at Aleppo University, Dr. Mohammed Shakir, gave a lecture entitled “The Right Mandibular Relationship and Its Transfer Using the Facial Arch”, in which he spoke about the central occlusal in the field of dentistry and outlined the most important materials adopted for stratified recordings and methods of recording the central mandibular relationship using the latest scientific tools.

Scientific theoretical sessions succeeded in the central hall, where Dr. Lubna Al-Jabi, a member of the teaching staff of the National Private University, gave a lecture entitled “Smile Design Principles”, emphasizing the importance of using modern techniques by saying “Digital dentistry is the future and we will dispense with all traditional techniques in the field of medicine one day.”

Dr. Hamza Abbas, Professor of Mobile Dental Prosthesis at Al-Shahba Private University, presented his lecture on “Digital Moving Partial Dental Prosthesis “, whose main objective was to “compare traditional dental handprints with those manufactured using digital techniques” in an interactive atmosphere between him and students.

Dr. Arwa Al-Dqaqq, a member of the faculty at the National Special University, concluded the scientific week with a lecture on “cosmetic pegs”, through which she described the newly used pegs and the extent to which the elasticity coefficient affected fibroids and some of the essentials in the field of dental beautification were of great benefit and enriching to the attendant’s knowledge stock.

Between the momentum of theoretical lectures and practical exercises in the Private National University, the Andalusia Singing Band added a special artistic flavor in the central hall, where the lyrical vertebrae between Arabic  caps and Qudad  Halabiya  rolled to fill the hall with joy.

The Presidency of the National University of its Administrative, Teaching and Technical Staff is trying to exert its utmost efforts and possibilities to sustain the success of the event and maximize the benefit of students, which would not have been achieved without the joint cooperation of the Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research and Ruba Al Mamar  Company for  Medical Equipment , based on this unique event at the National Private University in Hama.

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