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Media report for the fifth and sixth days For the third scientific week in dental sciences

As a complement to the joint efforts of Al-Wataniya Private University  in Hama and Ruba Al-Maamar Company for  Medical Equipment “Strategic Partner”. Under the auspices of the Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research, Dr. Bassam Bashir Ibrahim, the University celebrated significant knowledge momentum for the fifth consecutive day of the third scientific week in dental sciences.

During the first days of the Scientific Conference, there were many scientific interlocutors, ranging from endodontic  healing and dental implants to dental prosthesis , which Dr. Acer Qudsi opened his lecture by talking about their types, highlighting the importance of and how to compensate the “toothless patient” according to him.

In a related context, the intensive scientific program continued with its continuous giving in two successive lectures by Dr. Mohamed El Hafiz, the first centred on fixed dental prosthesis . The second lecture dealt with printing techniques for dental implants by saying, “The precise design and manufacture of dental prosthesis is the secret of teeth  durability.” In turn, Dr. Hanan Latifa gave a theoretical lecture entitled “An overview of porcelain laminate veneers,” emphasizing the importance of Mouk up in cosmetic dental prosthesis .

In the desire of Al-Wataniya Private University to maximize the benefit of its students, the momentum of the fifth day with academic scientific subjects varied its titles between extraction and immediate transplants  Dr. Jihad Kharfan addressed it in his lecture. He stressed the need to avoid mixes during  the extraction process. Dr. Yaman Shumel also prepared a scientific lecture in which he referred to the types of grafts used in the dental transplant and explained how to choose the methods and types of grafting.

Interactive theoretical sessions between elite doctors and lecturers followed up with students of the Faculty of Dentistry, where Dr. Samir Ezzo gave a valuable lecture on advanced surgical techniques in dental implants focusing on “jaw-lifting” as the primary focus of the lecture.

In the same vein, Dr. Alaam Mohammed addressed another hub of advanced surgical techniques entitled ” Splitting Edge  Legion” to enrich students’ knowledge and expand their perceptions of dental implant .

While Dr. Tariq Abu-Aghwa concluded the fifth scientific day of scientific effectiveness with a scientific subtract entitled “Surgical Guide in Dental Implants”, students had enough knowledge to start their professional path. On the other hand, in recognition of the efforts of its children to make the third scientific week in dental sciences successful and gratitude for their tireless pursuit of learning and success, Al-Wataniya Private University honored the participating students by distributing training certificates in the field of dental implants, It also provided certificates of honour and appreciation for the scientific figures given by doctors and lecturers, thanking them for their keenness and impetus to upgrade students’ scientific and cognitive level and refine their practical experiences to build a promising future for them in the field of dentistry.

Dr. Wasim Hamami also addressed his lecture on the sixth and last day of the third scientific week in dental sciences on surgical and dental prosthesis mixtures in the field of dental implants, which served as a scientific intensification of all important considerations during the transplant procedure.

The last day of the Scientific Conference was a huge celebration in the welcomes of Al-Wataniya  Private University, where the Takat band “Takat” had a special impact and a lyrical, heritage flavor that tasted the beauty of the audience and dictated their hearts with peace.

A scientific week full of creative energies, practical experiences and enlightening minds that lit up students’ trainings with great determination and eagerness from Al-Wataniya   Private University under the auspices of the Minister of Higher Education and in cooperation with Ruba  Al-Maamar Company for Medical Equipment, to promote the realities of the profession, fly the level of students and overcome difficulties for them to make their way to creativity and excellence.





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