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Meeting of The Educational And Administrative Bodies at the Al-Wataniya  Private University  Development And Modernization In The Educational Process .. An Absolute Necessity

Al-Wataniya Private University held the annual meeting of the educational and

administrative bodies in the central auditorium on Saturday 12/17/2022, chaired

by Prof. Dr. Ahed Khuzam, President of Al-Wataniya Private University, and Dr.

Hazem Milli, Vice President for Scientific Affairs and Deans of Faculties at Al-

Wataniya Private University (Dr. Abdulqadir Al-Jundi, Dean of the Faculty 

Engineering, Dr. Hayan Hamdan, Dean of the College of Administrative and

Financial Sciences, Prof. Dr. Safwat Ibrahim Pasha, Dean of the College of

Architectural Engineering, Dr. Shoaib Al-Ahmad, Dean of the College of Pharmacy,

Dr. Tarek Abou Agwa, Dean of the College of Dentistry) with the presence of all

 the staff of the educational (teaching and technical) and administrative bodies

working in  the university.

Prof.Dr. Ahd Khuzam, President of Al-Wataniya Private University, started the

meeting by talking about the university’s belief in the importance of scientific

research and the need to pay attention to it and work to promote and spread its

concept among students, noting the educational and teaching staff to the

importance of working on course descriptions and the need to propose scientific

amendments or additions and developments in curricula.  Education and updating

a new mechanism to develop the practical section and link it to the theoretical

side in the various colleges.

And towards the graduation of a high scientific level of students, Prof. Dr. Ahed

Khuzam stressed the need to make all possible efforts from the teaching and

technical staff in order to provide students with more science and practical

experience and to compensate for educational losses for them, and to cooperate

in raising the educational and professional level provided to them and to commit

to the course of the educational process to be  In its proper and optimal form,

through making several developments and comprehensive changes, including the

introduction of modern concepts and terminology in the English language within

the educational curricula, carrying out purposeful scientific activities to enhance

the student’s relationship with his profession, and working on introducing new

academic educational projects and plans.

It would increase the university’s chances of ascending the classification ladder

 locally and internationally, and would give it additional advantages in the Arab

classification of the Federation of Universities of Arab States, which requires

effort, time, and collaborative teamwork.

The opinions and ideas put forward by the teaching and technical cadres varied

about making changes and updates in the educational curricula, as some noted

the need for coordination between the college council and the cadres working in

it, and the actual discussion about the feasibility of the ideas and proposals

developed and work on implementing them, and examining the available human

and logistical capabilities to complete the implementation of the modernization

process to the fullest.

In turn, Prof. Dr. Ahed Khuzam, President of Al-Wataniya Private University,

discussed the educational systems according to which the university operates,

such as the monitoring system, the most important controls of the examination

process, and the need for professors, experts, technicians, and administrators to

adhere to legal guidelines that guarantee the safety of the examination process

 and the rights of the student at the same time, as indicated by Prof.Dr. Ahed

Khuzam  To the importance of compensating for the educational loss of students

and the interest in adding new information to them in an appropriate and

simplified manner that suits their abilities, skills, and educational level, and adds

to them everything that is new.

In conclusion, on the practical level, Prof.Dr. Ahed Khuzam focused on the need to

]form research teams to work on scientific research and enhance the capabilities

 of students and work to discover their skills in all faculties and the need for

students to carry out projects and research papers under the supervision of

professors and doctors to consolidate their cooperative relations with students

and provide opportunities for them to provide the best  Carrying out specialized

training courses and striving to achieve the process of exchanging students and

teaching staff within the framework of the joint scientific agreements between

the university and other local and foreign universities.

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