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Meeting of the General Assembly of shareholders of Al-Wataniya Company for Science and Development  Towards Researching Future Development Plans And Proposals

The General Assembly of Shareholders of Al-Wataniya Private Company for Science and Development held the closing annual meeting for the academic year 2021-2022 in the central auditorium within Al-Wataniya Private University

This was chaired by Mr. Samir Al-Barazi, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Al-Wataniya Private

Company for Science and Development, in the presence of Eng.Ahmed Fadel, Vice President of Al-

Wataniya Company, Osama Al-Ghazi, the Auditor of Al-Wataniya Company, and Mr. Hayan Asaad Al-

Bakri, Director of the Office of Al-Wataniya Company for Science and Development, along with Pro. Dr.

Ahed Khuzam, President of Al-Wataniya Private University, and Mr. Muhammad Al-Mubarak  Financial

 Director at Al-Wataniya Private University and in the presence of a number of members of the Board of

 Trustees at Al-Wataniya Private University and members of the Board of Directors of Al-Wataniya

Private Company for Science and Development.


The Meeting began with the Chairman of the Board of Directors of Al-Wataniya Company for Science

 and Development, Mr. Samir Al-Barazi, by submitting a detailed report on the fiscal year, starting from

9/1/2021 until 8/31/2022, and what this academic year witnessed in terms of the number of students

admitted to Al-Wataniya Private University (newcomers and scholarship students accepted from  The

Ministry of Higher Education and the numbers of graduates from the various academic groups

distributed to the colleges of the university, each equally).

Praising the university’s orientation towards securing distinguished cadres to serve the work and its

interest in rationalizing appointment in administrative and service jobs and activating the role of

academic advising in an effort to prevent waste and achieve savings in services.

Mr.Samir Al-Barazi gave a detailed explanation of the most important implemented projects, which

were included in last year’s strategic plans in terms of strengthening the infrastructure of Al-Wataniya

Private University, which aimed at continuous work to expand the buildings, explaining the current

status of the buildings under construction, starting from the university housing building and the

pharmacy building, up to the advanced stages. 

The building of the new central restaurant and the new classrooms have arrived as a result of a

cooperative work between Al-Wataniya Private University, the shareholders, Al-Wataniya Company for

Science and Development, and all the working cadres, and everyone will reap the fruits of its success in

the short term.

The Annual Meeting centered between Al-Wataniya Science and Development Company and the

Shareholders focused on discussing the most important proposals for the development of future plans,

such as discussing the decision to continue the completion of buildings in a timely manner and according

to the implementation schedule, especially the building of the new Central Restaurant and classrooms,

the intention to put it into investment at the beginning of next year, and the total estimated cost  to

complete these projects and the most prominent ways to help achieve those aspirations.

The Annual Report also examined all the financial details, estimated budgets, and final accounts of

revenues and expenditures for this year, showing the most important achievements and projects

completed over a full academic year, where Mr. Samir Al-Barazi explained the extent of Al-Wataniya

University’s interest in social solidarity by offering grants to those coming from the Orphans Association

in Hama to contribute to Al-Wataniya Company, who numbered (5) orphans, and the total assistance

provided to support needy students who fulfilled the conditions of the Student Support Fund reached about (7) students.

In conclusion of the Meeting of the General Assembly, the Board of Directors of Al-Wataniya Company

put forward valuable development proposals aimed at working to achieve the greatest possible benefit

for the university and students by employing logistical capabilities and human capabilities to achieve the

 desired goals and the continuous step on the path of development and modernization.

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