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Ping 999 team occupies the twenty-sixth place in the Syrian programming competition out of three participating teams from Al-Wataniya Private University

In continuation and effective continuation of the approach of achievement and success, the programming competition was launched at the level of private Syrian universities at eleven o’clock on 6/19/2022 within the Central Library of Al- Wataniya Private University in Hama.

The participating teams from Al- Wataniya University won the second and third places in the competition after a team from the Syrian Private University came first, while three teams from Al- Wataniya University and two teams for each of the participating private universities (Syrian University, Arab University, Yarmouk University and Al Jazeera University) qualified for the programming competition. Coming between public and private universities at the level of Syria.

The competition lasted for five continuous hours, during which the students worked on solving software problems of varying difficulty in a competitive atmosphere and in the presence of a jury comprising a number of doctors, professors, engineers and supervisors (Dr. Jaafar Al-Khair, regional official of the programming competition, Dr. Fadi Murshid, supervisor of the precedent, and Dr. Ammar Rimawi, coordinator of the programming competition at Al- Wataniya  University Dr. Hussein Bahbouh, representing Al-Rasheed University in Damascus, Dr. Muhammad Muhammad, representing Al-Jazeera Private University, Dr. Maysa Diab, representing the Arab League, Professor Bilal Al-Shamaa, representing Yarmouk University, and Professor Muhammad Sukkarieh, representing the Syrian Private University).

The three teams from Al-Wataniya  University have reserved their seats in the programming competition at the Syrian level, which will be held on the campus of Al-Baath University in Homs Governorate, and they are as follows:

The first team, Bika Bika Bika Chu, consisting of (Anas Kilani – Ali Zaytouni – Malik Al-Madani)

The second team, Tinky Winky Laa-laa PoOooO, composed of (Mohammed Al-Khatib – Radi Shaqifah – Aya Al-Jandali)

The third team, Ping 999, consisting of (Asim Al-Bitar – Abdullah Awad – Mustafa Kizawi)

The success of the competition came as a result of diligent work, coordination and joint efforts under the direct management of Dr. Ammar Rimawi, the coordinator of the programming competition at the university, and with the official coordination of Ms. Eng. Bayan Mando and professors of engineers Abdul Rahman Al Kayyal and Hamza Al Akkad, who are responsible for the technical aspect of the competition, in addition to the efforts of the competition organizing team managed by Ms. Sarah Al-Madani and Mr. Sohaib Khan, head of the media team, and Alma Sultan, responsible for the volunteer team.

Passion for science and aspiration for better results, the programming competition between public and private universities in Syria was launched on Thursday, June 23, 2022 within Al-Baath University in Homs Governorate. in the world of programming.

Al- Wataniya Private University Ping 999 team, consisting of (Asim Al-Bitar, Abdullah Awad, and Mustafa Kizawi) won the twenty-sixth place (26) out of a hundred centers by solving six software problems within five continuous hours, in a qualitative leap achieved by the team during only two years of participation in the programing competition.

In turn, Dr. Ammar Rimawi, the competition coordinator at Al- Wataniya University, pointed out that there is a remarkable and eye-catching development in the work and efforts of the participating teams from Al- Wataniya  University, saying, “The participating teams and the Ping 999 team have achieved very important achievements in the Syrian programming competition, and we need more training and continuous  hard work, and we will not stop looking forward to achieving better goals and results in the next stage, as it will raise the balance of students’ experiences and create a motivation for them to learn and continue.”

It should be noted that the running of the programming competition at the level of Syrian public and private universities was at a high level of goals, visions and clear joint practical plans, which will enhance students’ abilities and skills and pave the way for them to enter the world of programming and consolidate their steps towards success and creativity.

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