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Report of the Fourth Day of the Fourteenth Scientific Week in Dental Sciences  Solid Scientific Partnerships, Diverse Experiences, Qualitative Outputs

 The Fourth Scientific Week in Dental Sciences concluded the course of its scientific program at Al-Wataniya Private University over four consecutive days, starting from 3/12/2022 to 6/12/2022.

It was attracted during which  many expert scientific and professional scholars to provide students with the various sciences related to dentistry, to conclude its last day by attracting lecturers from within Al-Wataniya Private University to form an added value that combines new modern knowledge and the best way to put it in the hands of students.

“An Abundant Sea of Modern Medical Science”

The Closing Day Program of the Fourth Scientific Week in Dental Sciences began with a valuable scientific lecture by Prof. Dr. Hussein Al-Essa, titled “Soft Lining Materials”, in which he talked about the most prominent problems that the mobile prosthesis patient suffers from (discomfort,  pain, etc.), referring these symptoms and problems to several  causes, including the materials from which removable prostheses are made, and their exposure to pigmentation, damage, or tooth fracture, explaining to the students the most important methods that they must follow in order to avoid the problem of alveolar absorption under complete appliances and the safety of natural and artificial occlusions.The lecture dealt with the various types of soft lining materials, their various indications, and the urgent need to use them with occlusion devices.

In turn, Dr. Khaled Kabbesh gave his academic and medical lecture, which focused on (Pulpal Therapy for Young Permanent Teeth), through which he introduced the students to the concept of young permanent teeth and the triangle of success in how to deal with children, where he showed the importance of studying the pathological condition in conjunction with the clinical diagnosis to obtain accurate results, putting in front of the students the most important factors affecting the doctor’s decision of pulpal therapy, how to take therapeutic measures, and clarifying its options for the patient to choose the most appropriate, in the light of an important student interaction with the most prominent clinical cases presented for their importance in building  their practical and applied knowledge.

“Advanced Medical and Treatment Methods”

In the same context, Dr. Ettihad Abo Arrag presented a scientific lecture entitled (Updates in Caries Prevention). She talked about the treatment of dental caries,starting from the process of drilling and filling all the way to restorative care for dental fillings, which research has proven that repairing the former is medically better than replacing it, explaining to the students the principle of the restorative threshold, the correct definition of dental caries, methods of managing it, and what are the stages of its transformation into a hollow carious lesion. Dr. Ettihad Abo Arrag also touched on the most important prevention strategies that the patient must follow to reduce carious lesions and prevent them from developing and ensuring a beautiful smile.

Whereas, Dr. Ezaldeen AlSarakbi, in his scientific lecture (Management of peri-implant diseases and the role of laser), dealt with the most common problems that appear in the patient after placing dental implants, and this is associated with the nature of the tissues around the implants, and the most prominent points of their difference from the tissues around the teeth explaining to the students the various diseases surrounding dental implants, such as infections or soft tissue deformities, in addition to the most important treatment plans for implant diseases that preserve tissues, in addition to laser phototherapy and its uses in the field of periodontal diseases.

The Fourth  Scientific Week in Dental Sciences continued the progress of the Fourth Day Program with full efficiency and quality in providing the scientific stock to students, where Dr. Mohamad Al Shalak gave a scientific lecture entitled (When to Start Attractive Smile Designing) in which he explained the concept of plastic surgery and the reasons for its popularity among people in recent times,comparing the natural smile with the orthodontically designed cosmetic smile in terms of quality, durability, aesthetics and dental health, reviewing a large number of clinical cases of various natural cosmetic operations based on natural treatment and how the patient can obtain a natural smile after orthodontics that will change his life for the better.

“Continuous Knowledge and Scientific Momentum”

Continuing to pursue all the new sciences and new information in the field of Dentistry, the academic theoretical lectures continued, thus providing students with various scientific knowledge and applications in a clear, simple and flexible manner.

Accordingly, Dr. Emad Khalil delivered a scientific lecture under the title (Relapse of Orthodontic Treatments), in which he shed light on one of the disadvantages of dental treatment, defining the concept of relapse, and researching its exact meaning, as he presented a comprehensive and analytical description of the causes of dental relapse related to ligamentous and gingival fibers, alveolar bone, oral muscles, and oral to  The side of the recurrence associated with cases of malocclusion

He concluded his lecture by guiding students towards remedial and preventive measures to avoid relapse and ways to manage it.

In a related context, Dr. Arwa Dakkk presented her scientific lecture entitled (Hollywood Smile), in which she dealt with the best forms of preparation and chamfering and its advantages and positive characteristics, reviewing some cases of exceeding the contact points and the factors that determine the final color of the porcelain face such as the color of the porcelain face, its thickness, etc., and the necessity of examining each  face apart.

She also referred to the gluing protocol, the steps of the veneer installation process, the importance of ensuring the integrity of the occlusion process, and the most important errors that must be avoided during the implementation of the installation process.

As for the conclusion of the course of the scientific program on its fourth day in a row, Dr. Raeef Alnajjar gave a concluding lecture titled (Secrets of a Beautiful Smile), in which he touched on the components of a beautiful smile, the concept of the golden ratio, how to apply it to obtain a beautiful smile, and the most important conditions that the doctor must study, such as the face, lips, gums, and teeth.  front, upper and others, which together achieve the concept of a beautiful smile. In addition to his talk about the gingival smile and the gingival papilla, and the need to emphasize the safety of the teeth in terms of their inclination, shape, size, and a number of other factors that facilitate the doctor’s carrying out the appropriate therapeutic and cosmetic work.

“Today’s Fruits… The Result of Collaborative Work”

Al-Wataniya Private University, represented by its President, Prof. Dr. Ahed Khuzam, his deputy for scientific affairs, Dr. Hazem Milli, and the Dean of the College of Dentistry, Tarek Abou Agwa, honored all the scientific figures participating in the success of the Fourth Scientific  Week in Dental Sciences, as it is a continuous link between the past and upcoming scientific weeks.

Which witnessed important scientific partnerships with Ruba Al-Mimar Medical Instruments Company, the University of Birmingham in the UK, and the swiss  dental implants company iml, which came as a scientific and qualitative step at the strategic and future levels of the university’s development plans in dental sciences, and in building a new generation full of science and expertise, which will in turn pave the way for subsequent steps that are more stable, determined and beneficial.

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