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Scientific Research Participation by The  Researcher Dr.Ruba Al-Saeed from Al-Wataniya Private University in The Scientific Journal ( Advances in Environmental Technology

The journal (Advances in Environmental Technology) published a scientific paper by Dr. Ruba Al-Saeed from the Faculty of Civil Engineering at Al-Wataniya Private University entitled (Modeling Turbidity Removal by Poly-aluminium Chloride Coagulant Using Gene Expression)

As an interdisciplinary scientific journal published four times a year, this journal covers all aspects of the forefront of original environmental research in science, engineering and technology and publishes full research papers and critical review papers on major developments in environmental fields.

 Advances in Environmental Technology is concerned with water quality control and pollution control, water and wastewater treatment, soil pollution and remediation, solid and hazardous wastes, air quality  and pollution control, noise, light and thermal pollution and control, and environmental chemistry, ending with remediation and bioremediation , and green technologies for environmental sustainability

Dr. Ruba Al-Saeed’s published scientific research proposes shifting drinking water utilities towards building intelligent control systems to help address (Multi-Parametric Decisions) called Environmental Decision Support Systems (EDSSs).  As many drinking water utilities are investing in the field of advanced process control, the most important aspects of modeling in purification plants are building turbidity prediction models as it is the most important indicator of the stability of the plant’s operation.

Coagulants are also used in drinking water purification plants to increase the size of the particles and to help make them more  sedimentary in the later stages of the process. Polyaluminium chloride (PACL) was used in this study to evaluate the coagulation efficacy under different conditions.  Three sets of experiments were conducted to determine the relationship between some properties of raw water, including: initial turbidity, pH, and temperature with optimum doses of PACL, experimental data were used to build a mathematical model based on Gene Expression Technology (GEP) that can predict the efficacy of removal.

Note that the experiments were  conducted under different seasonal conditions.  Four levels of turbidity (10, 50, 100, 150 NTU) were studied, with six different doses of PACL (5-35 mg/L).  The GEP model gave good results with a correlation coefficient (0.91R = ), and the root mean square error (RMSE = 0.046).

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