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 The Third Renewed steps on the road to excellence

“To continue year after year is the most important event” In these words, the presenter of the ceremony, Professor Ghaithaa Neiof, opened the Third Scientific Week of dental science at the Private National University, as the product of a collaboration between the National University and the Company of Ruba Al-Muammar for Medical Equipment and the sponsorship of the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research.

Looking forward to achieving several goals behind this scientific event, including:


1-      Enrich the student’s scientific and professional knowledge, skills and abilities in the field of dentistry

2-      Dissemination of internationally approved best practices in the field of dentistry and access to the latest dental sciences by specialized professors

3-      Provide students with clinical understanding skills to implant teeth

4-      support the local labor market   by supplying it with   scientifically and professionally qualified staff.

5-      Activate partnerships and develop relationships between the Faculty of Dentistry and related institutions (locally, regionally and internationally).

6-      Strengthening cooperation between the University and the community at large

7-      Highlight the outstanding students and their scientific and applied productions.

The events of the scientific week opened on Saturday 21/5/2022 under the dignified patronage of Mr. Bassam Bashir Ibrahim, Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research In his statement, the representative of the Minister, Dr. Ahad Khazam, President of the National Private University, stressed the importance of this scientific event by highlighting the latest developments and developments in the field of dentistry in general and in the field of dental implants in particular, in the hope that all participants and attendees would have the opportunity to cooperate with each other and exchange experiences and scientific knowledge.


“There is no success without partnerships.” Dr. Ahed Khazam said in his words to express the value and usefulness of working jointly with Ruba Al-Muammar for Medical Equipment Company ” The Strategic Partner.”

Dr. Khazam emphasized the Ministry’s ongoing efforts to raise the level of cooperation between the public and private sectors through the holding of targeted scientific conferences and programmes, which in turn seek to place the student at the center of the real scientific experience and providing him/her with various technologies and tools that will lay the foundation stone in the structure of his/her career.

In this context, Professor Hussein Al-Issa Dean of the Faculty of Dentistry at the National University noted the University’s general concern and the Faculty of Dentistry in particular to keep pace with the development and scientific progress in dental sciences and enable graduates to use modern techniques in processing. “The scientific week includes several pivots towards achieving this goal and is summarized in lectures, workshops and clinical operations in dental implants as well as pulmonary treatments and moving reparations In his statement, the representative of the Students’ This event reflects the University’s belief in the need to develop scientific research away from the total reliance on ready and archived research.

On the academic side, Dr. Talal Al-Nahlawi presented the first lecture in the scientific week entitled “Opening the Endodontic Chamber”, in which he introduced modern concepts on the use of ultrasonic technique to protect dental tissue, stating that the aim of scientific conferences is to “connect the student to the community” and strengthen his skills in the treatment of pathological conditions.

Dr. Taseer Al-Sayad, Dean of Dental Faculty at the Private University of Córdoba, also delivered a lecture entitled “The role of working length determination in clinical success of endodontic therapy.”

In his lecture, Dean of the Faculty of Teeth at Aleppo University Dr. Mahmoud Nassani spoke about new concepts of preparing root technology, in which he discussed information on how to maintain continuity in tooth building, explaining the reasons for breaking the tooth and how to treat it using pulp tools.

Dr. Adel Mahiri’s lecture, a specialist at Razi Hospital in Aleppo, addressed the optimal use of conical radiation in the treatment of roots, pointing to the most important problems of digital radiography and the difference between the types of radiographic images.

The Third Scientific Week, Dr. Loai Al-Lihni, concluded with a lecture entitled “The Importance of Narrative in Endodontic Therapy and Filling Techniques” and highlighted the most significant obstacles to irrigation and the materials that are the most effective in facilitating the process.

It should be noted that the Scientific Week continues until 26/5/2022 where a very rich program includes “theoretical lectures and practical applications along with dental implants operations.  

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