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Signing a joint scientific cooperation agreement between Al- Wataniya Private University with Moscow Automobile and Road Construction State Technical University “MADI”

Towards developing the current scientific reality and expanding scientific horizons for students, Al- Wataniya  Private University in Hama and Moscow Automobile and Road Construction State Technical University  in Russia signed a joint work agreement in the field of university education aimed at preparing joint educational plans and scientific curricula, enhancing the process of exchanging experiences and information and developing means and methods of practical vocational training for students, in addition to the process of exchanging students and teaching staff in a fruitful and feasible manner for both universities.

The agreement was signed by Prof. Dr. Ahed Khuzam, President of Al-Wataniya Private University, and Dr. Rustam Mirzaev, Vice President of Moscow Technical University for External Relations, in an official meeting. The agreement stipulated laying the foundations for cooperation in the field of higher education by preparing academic educational plans and programs and conducting advanced scientific projects and research in several scientific fields. With the aim of developing the practical and applied reality and strengthening the bonds of cooperative relations to reap fruitful and beneficial results that achieve the desired goals within the framework of solidarity and actual cooperation between the two countries.

For his part, Dr. Ahed Khuzam stated in his speech that the scientific agreement with civilized and advanced scientific universities such as the Moscow Technical University “MADI” is a positive and very effective first step, as it will be directly reflected on the scientific and practical reality of students and educational bodies at Al-Wataniya  University and Madi University, and will in turn pave the way for several Future steps that serve both parties and enhance means of cooperation and joint action.

Dr. Khuzam also stressed that the agreement will be implemented from the date of June 14, 2022, and for a period of three years, during which work will be done to raise the scientific level of the two universities, strengthen education, its technologies and the means used, open new horizons for research and development, and start a new scientific stage through the implementation of the terms of the agreement, the bulk of which will focus on Involve students and teaching staff from the two universities in plans, educational programs and joint research for subsequent diploma and master’s degrees.

In his turn, Vice President of Moscow Technical University, Dr. Rustam Mirzaev, pointed out in a special meeting with him the importance of the agreement for the two parties, as it is a meeting and coordination of joint efforts to advance and develop the current scientific reality, and that joint work has become an actual and necessary need to strengthen and consolidate joint relations in various fields, especially the field of higher education, expressing His appreciation for the efforts of Al- Wataniya University to pave the way for students of the two universities to learn about the developments of modern sciences and progress in the field of education and to provide them with opportunities to prepare and produce joint and effective scientific results.

In a related context, Dr. Abdul Qader Al-Jundi, Dean of the Faculty of Engineering at Al- Wataniya University, stressed in a statement the necessity and importance of such an agreement with the University of MADI, “being one of the most prestigious universities in the world” for students and members of the educational bodies in the two universities, and considered it a real initiative to open horizons of  development and excellence in front of them through the preparation of programs, scientific research and joint certificates “Diploma and Master’s” in the field of higher education.

The signing of the agreement at Al- Wataniya  Private University came in the presence of the President of Al- Wataniya  University, Prof. Ahed Khuzam, Prof. Rustam Mirzaev, Vice President of Moscow Technical University and representatives of Moscow University, as well as members of the administrative and educational body of Al-Wataniya University (Dr. Hazem Melli, Vice President for Scientific Affairs and Professor Samir Al-Barazi, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Al-Wataniya Company, Prof. Dr. Abdul Hamid Al-Mulqi, Vice-Chairman of the Board of Trustees, Professor Muhammad Fadel, member of the University’s Board of Trustees, Dr. Abdul Qader Al-Jundi, Dean of the Faculty of Engineering, and Dr. Ahmed Abboud, a faculty member at the Faculty of Civil Engineering), where an introductory film was shown about Al-Wataniya  University and the discussion about The status of the scientific universities in the two countries, their plans and educational programs, and the effectiveness of starting a joint scientific work that achieves mutual benefit for both sides.

In conclusion to the visit of the Russian delegation to Al- Wataniya  Private University, the President of the University, Prof. Dr. Ahed Khuzam, accompanied the delegation on an introductory and reconnaissance tour in the university’s premises to visit the laboratories of the Faculty of Civil Engineering and to see the practical reality of the students and to learn about the techniques, devices and tools used in the hands of the students in an actual step to establish the approach of development and modernization in the two universities .

It should be noted that the Russian Coordinating Body is making a large-scale working visit to the Syrian Arab Republic starting from (13 to 17/6/2022) to prepare specific joint action plans with clear objectives in several axes and fields, especially in the field of higher education with Syrian “governmental and private universities.” This is to enhance cooperation and effective joint work between the two countries.

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