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Signing a Joint Scientific Cooperation Agreement in The Field of Dentistry Between Al-Watanyia Private University and The University of Milan in Italy

In the context of establishing joint scientific cooperation relations and in an effort to establish the approach of development and progress, Al-Watanyia Private University, represented by its president, Prof. Ahed Khuzam, on behalf of the College of Dentistry, signed a mutually beneficial scientific cooperation agreement with the University of Milan in Italy, represented by its president, Prof. Elio Franzini, on Wednesday 16 / 3 / 2022 within Al-Watanyia Private University.

The agreement provides for the implementation of a set of joint scientific and practical programs and activities such as seminars, workshops, educational units, and virtual and mixed courses.

The agreement also provides an opportunity for the exchange of teachers and medical residents between the two universities and the organization of meetings and conferences in the field of dental implants, cosmetic dentistry and prosthodontics, all within the framework of the special rules in each institution and subject to the availability of funds and resources.

This agreement aims to improve understanding between their academic institutions by developing the practical and scientific reality of students and faculty members in the two universities, as it puts in front of them all possible tools and ways to benefit from the modern scientific programs presented to take the right step towards development, as stated by the President of Al-Watanyia Private University, Dr. Ahed Khuzam.

As for the students of Al-Watanyia Private University, especially the Faculty of Dentistry, this agreement constitutes a real opportunity to exchange experiences and scientific skills with the students of the University of Milan and achieve the maximum possible benefit by sharing information, carrying out joint scientific experiments, engaging in new seminars and workshops, and being informed of the latest developments in the field of dentistry, which It will raise their scientific and professional level.

While the agreement defined the legal framework under which the terms and content of the agreement will be implemented through the distribution of responsibilities and the identification of those in charge of coordination and actual supervision over the development of programs and activities and ensuring their implementation in accordance with specific agreed provisions.

Joint efforts see the light today with the signing of a joint agreement for a period of five years between the Syrian University Al-Watanyia Private University and the Italian University of Milan as a real step to strengthen joint work and strengthen cooperation and partnership relations as a goal on which both parties meet.

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