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Speech of the Dean of the College, Dr. Shuaib Al-Ahmad

The Faculty of Pharmacy at Al- Wataniya Private University is honored by your visit to its website, which we hope will be an effective means of communication between the faculty and our dear students, in addition to all those interested in educational affairs in our beloved country, Syria.

The Faculty of Pharmacy at Al-Wataniya Private University was established in 2017, and despite its recent history, it is a pioneer in developing pharmaceutical education in Syria. It was the first private college in Syria to pursue education as its goal, regardless of anything else. The pharmacist has achieved this through a group of university professors who supervise the students’ theoretical and practical studies within the most modern laboratories.

The Faculty of Pharmacy at Al- Wataniya Private University also supports scientific research, as it is equipped with the latest laboratories and scientific research equipment. It has provided all research tools and modern scientific equipment and kept pace with everything new in applied scientific research, which contributed to increasing the number of internationally published research and obtaining an advanced ranking in the national classification.

In order for the college to perform its educational and research mission to the fullest, it was necessary to link the university with the community, and from here the interaction with community institutions was in order to study the actual changes in society and to develop plans and policies that would achieve the graduate skills required in the labor market, as the college established close cooperation with all pharmaceutical and research institutions and pharmaceutical laboratories and organized an applied program for its students in cooperation with various institutions.

The Faculty of Pharmacy at Al- Wataniya Private University continues its academic programs, its scientific efforts, and its interaction with other institutions in order to advance the pharmaceutical level and improve health services provided to patients in Syria.

And because Al- Wataniya  Private University is an example of excellence, the College of Pharmacy has supported excellence and supports every talent of our dear students in order to create a society that possesses the elements of creativity and is not based on stereotype and indoctrination, and from here we proceed in our invitation to any student who finds himself distinguished to choose the appropriate field to translate his creativity and this field is a college Pharmacy at Al- Wataniya Private University

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