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Syrian Arab Student Day

An Honoring Ceremony for Students at Hama University in Commemoration of The Seventy-Third Anniversary

On the occasion of the commemoration of the Seventy-Third Anniversary of (Syrian Arab Student Day), the Executive Office of the National Union of Syrian Students honored all the student volunteers participating in the response to the disaster of the earthquake that struck Syria on the sixth of last February, which had a great impact on the souls of all humanity.

The Central Honoring Ceremony for Syrian students was held within the Al-Basil Amphitheater at the University of Hama, with an official presence represented by Amer Tlass, Vice President of the National Union of Syrian Students, Eng. Ashraf Bashouri, Secretary of the Hama Branch of the Arab Socialist Baath Party, Pof. Dr. Abdulrazzak Salem. In addition to the presence of the deans of faculties and presidents of private universities in Hama, where Al-Wataniya Private University was represented by Prof. Dr. Ahed Khuzam, President of Al-Wataniya Private University, and Abdulkarim Al-Naasan, President of the National Union of Syrian Students there, on the participation of Al-Wataniya Private University in humanitarian volunteer work.

The Honoring came in appreciation and gratitude for all the efforts exerted and the benevolent white hands that contributed, under the shadow of the National Union of Syrian Students, to alleviating the suffering of the affected people and standing with them and supporting them side by side, through the various volunteer and relief work they provided throughout the governorate of Hama, which was documented during the response to the disaster.

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