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Syrian Historical Society Delegation on an Exploratory Visit within Al- Wataniya Private University in Hama

The Delegation of the Syrian Historical Society from Homs Governorate was received on Saturday morning in 16/7/2022 by members of the Administrative and Teaching Body on a reconnaissance visit to the University. The tour of the Central Amphitheatre began with a presentation of an Introductory Film about the history and inception of Al- Wataniya Private University in Hama, and the stages of its development in terms of construction, organization and architectural design of its buildings. That the delegation became familiar with the University’s faculties, buildings, laboratories and equipment.

To complement the reconnaissance tour, the visitors went to the laboratories and clinics of the Faculty of Dentistry in order to view the interior design of the building and getting acquainted with the most important medical devices, equipment and modern technologies used in the laboratories.

Dr. Abdulrahman Al-Bitar, the Former President and Current Advisor of the Historical Society, expressed his admiration for the rapid development that occurred in the period between his first visit to the University at the beginning of its construction and his current visit saying: “In fact, today we see a qualitative leap and rapid development witnessed by Al- Wataniya  University in light of the current situation and crisis, thanks to the efforts of the University Presidency, represented by Prof. Dr. Ahed Khuzam, for his efforts, his dedication and tender work.

Dr. Abdulrahman Al-Bitar also, added that Al-Wataniya University has unique advantages from similar universities of aesthetic touches, landscapes and diversity in constructive design. He also noted the careful and thoughtful geographical distribution of college buildings and how each of them features a different construction system.

In its reconnaissance tour, the visiting delegation also intended the Central Library to see the construction, design and scientific and cultural contents available. The tour was concluded at the Faculty of Engineering, where visitors learned about the history of Al-Wataniya University and the achievements, scientific and educational work and planned plans for the advancement of students’ future at the University.

In turn, Eng. Loris Salloum, a member of the Executive Office of the Culture and Tourism Sector in the Homs City Council, said, “Al-Wataniya Private University is a wonderful and very elegant civilized edifice, and it is striking that it is still growing in terms of construction and reconstruction. This is, of course, due to the University’s efforts to develop and create new colleges and libraries from It will attract new students and facilitate the path for their academic career.

Eng. Loris Salloum also referred to the university’s nature aesthetic, emphasizing that this interest and unique administrative performance by the university presidency is reflected in students’ sophistication in dealing with campus construction and maintaining the hygiene and hygiene of the surrounding nature.

In the face of this mutual interest and mutual concern between the Syrian Historical Society and Al-Wataniya Private University to develop cultural and scientific landmarks and preserve them in the best way. The survey visit was concluded with full success, as it was dominated by an atmosphere of interaction and valuable historical dialogues.

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