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The First Admission Examination in The Faculty of Architecture and Urban Planning Within Al-Wataniya Private University

The College of Architecture and Urban Planning at Al-Wataniya Private University witnessed the start of the first admission examination for students wishing to register in the college for the new academic year 2022-2023, in the presence of the Vice President for Scientific Affairs, Dr.

Hazem Melli, and the Dean of the Faculty of Architecture and Urban Planning, Prof. Dr. Safwat Ibrahim Pasha, who made a reconnaissance tour of the educational halls to check on the students’ performance and the progress of the examination process in the ranks of the faculty.

Regarding the importance of the training workshops prepared by the College of Architecture and Urban Planning, the Dean of the College of Architecture, Prof. Dr. Safwat Ibrahim Pasha, stated in his speech: “We strive to prepare students practically and mentally to enroll in the

College by holding training courses for new students, so we are working on preparing all conditions, tools and appropriate climate for them for continuous and effective training and learning at the hands of educational and technical cadres.

Also Prof. Dr. Safwat Ibrahim Pasha explained that the College of Architecture and Urban Planning accepts all applicants to register for it, whether those who took the admission examination on the campus of Al-Wataniya Private University or those who submitted the admission examination within all other Syrian universities.

The number of students applying for the admission examination reached approximately 300 students, each of them 20 students distributed in one hall under the supervision of two observers for each hall, the examination questions also varied between the practical application of the

 methods of free drawing and the drawing of silent nature, in addition to drawing the geometric shapes in front of the students of various sizes and the distribution of shadows and light according to established engineering and scientific foundations.

It should be noted that the College of Architecture and Urban Planning continues to hold Training Workshops for students, believing in the importance of exercise and actual training to prepare students and raise the level of their scientific knowledge in the new academic branch, noting

that the college is witnessing the start of the Fourth Training Workshop in a row for this new academic year so that  sufficient time for training in addition to the continuation of the registration process on the differentiation, thus allowing all those wishing to register in the Faculty of Architecture.

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