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Media report for the fourth day of the third scientific week in dental sciences “A continuous scientific approach”

Interest in graduating high-quality scientific competencies and harmony “with the methodology of Al-Wataniya Private University to raise the scientific level of students and stabilize their feet in the path of excellence. The scientific week continued its success for the fourth consecutive day.

With the dignified participation of important scientific figures at the local and Arab levels, the theoretical lectures specialized in dentistry have been followed. In his lecture, Dr. Mohammed Shuyhneh introduced the five basics adopted in the field of dental implants and how to manufacture dental implants explaining their forms and factors of manufacture.

In the same context, Dr. Mohammed Bilal Ismail spoke at the second scientific lecture about the optimal places to develop dental implants, outlining the fundamentals of bone anatomy and the skill of dealing with the patient’s body with great care. Dr. Adel Al-Mehairi also highlighted the importance of 3D radiography in the transplant process as a key focus of diagnosis.

“Dental implants… broad science “

In order to provide students with theoretical therapeutic knowledge, Dr. Mazen Zenati touched on the whole range of pharmacological considerations in dental transplant patients in a valuable scientific lecture in which he referred to all the preparatory procedures necessary to begin the dental transplant process. The session involves scientific discussions about drugs, painkillers and saucers affecting dental implants, thus reaching the most important correct preventive treatments.

Fourth Scientific Day of Scientific Week with Intensive Academic Scientific Sessions, Dr. Fawaz Al-Jaber gave a lecture on surgical work to develop the dental implant taking into account the students’ most common mistakes during the transplant. Dr. Wa’el al-Mahdi also enriched the series of theoretical sessions by lecturing on the arrangement of soft weaving around dental implants, emphasizing their employment and cosmetic importance to maintain the durability of the teeth.

“Practical experience… urgent need “

For his part, Dr. Hamza Abbas expressed in a private meeting with him the need to integrate the theoretical and practical aspects of the dental implant process. He gave a lecture on the immediate loading of dental implants and focused on how to manufacture dental implants in conjunction with the installation of dental compensation for the patient, and then Dr. Hamza Abbas followed the scientific content presented at a closing session in the dental college laboratories, During the course, the students underwent surgery to put a dental implant in an organized training session with scientific dialogues in order to find the best way to perform a dental implant.

The Third Scientific Week in Dental Sciences seeks to cover both theoretical and practical aspects of various scientific axes, following the joint scientific approach between the Al-Wataniya Private University and Ruba Al-Maamar Company for Medical Equipment under the auspices of the Minister of Higher Education Dr. Bassam Bashir Ibrahim – to lay students in the right career.

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