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The Fourth Scientific Week in Dental Sciences

 Between Strengthening Scientific Partnerships and The Constant Pursuit of Modernity and Development

As an extension of the originality of its mission and future vision to be in the ranks of the prestigious universities locally and internationally and to harvest the work of successful departments and efficient educational and technical staffs, Al-Wataniya Private University is looking forward to receiving an ongoing scientific event like its predecessors in giving and success.

Al-Wataniya Private University is preparing to open the Fourth Scientific Week in Dental Sciences under  the auspices of the Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research Prof. Dr. Bassam Bashir Ibrahim and in cooperation with Ruba Almemaar  Company For   Medical Instruments  and in cooperation with the  swiss dental implants  company iml , and the College of Medicine & Dentistry at the University of Ulster,  looking forward to this :

  1. Enriching the student’s scientific and professional knowledge, skills, and abilities in the field of Dentistry
  2. Working to spread internationally approved best practices in the field of Dentistry and learning about the latest findings in Dental Sciences by specialized professors.
  3. Providing students with the skills of clinical understanding of Dental Implants.
  4. Supplying the local labor market with scientifically and professionally qualified cadres.
  5. Activating partnerships and developing relations between the College of Dentistry and related institutions (locally, regionally and internationally).
  6. Enhancing cooperation between the university and the local community in all its aspects
  7. Shedding light on the distinguished students and their scientific and applied productions.

And towards formulating concrete scientific partnerships aimed at joint leadership of the educational development process at the academic and practical levels, The President of Al-Wataniya Private University, Prof. Dr. Ahed Khuzam, is working to strengthen the bonds of cooperative relations and scientific partnerships with educational systems and medical companies of a high level of importance internationally and globally , including the swiss dental implants  company iml, a pioneer  all fields of dentistry in general and dental implants in particular .

 The actual cooperation between the Faculty of Dentistry at Al-Wataniya Private University and the College of Medicine & Dentistry at the University of Ulster is the best evidence of the university’s continuous work to strengthen cooperation relations and exchange of experiences between specialists in the field of dentistry, which would support the process of joint scientific research and keep up with everything new in the Dental Sciences.

 The Fourth  Scientific Week in Dental Sciences begins on 3/12/2022 until 6/12 /2022, setting specific goals for itself and striving to keep up with the latest contemporary scientific developments in the field of dentistry, and employing scientific knowledge and methods in the service of students, keeping in

their hands the most important findings of research and scientific publications in terms of results, experiences and modern methods in the process of dental implants and oral and maxillofacial surgery, and giving them opportunities to experience clinical work because of its importance in refining their practical experience and involving them in the practical experience, as it is the basic building block that paves the way for them to build their professional future in the field of Dentistry.

This was confirmed by Prof. Dr. Ahed Khuzam, The President of Al-Wataniya Private University, when he said: “We strive, through holding the Fourth Scientific Week event in Dentistry, to move students towards raising their scientific level, advancing the practical reality of medical practices in the field of dental implants, supporting scientific research, and urging students to  Request more modern systematic knowledge and science to develop their scientific basis, we also aspire with all our will and our continuous endeavor to attract the latest technologies and medical equipment and all that is new in the field of Dentistry and the use of specialized and expert competencies to provide the greatest possible benefit to students through the conclusion of joint scientific cooperation agreements with many leading medical and educational companies and institutions in this field”.

A step in the right direction towards modernity and development through the establishment of the Fourth Scientific Week in Dental Sciences, including scientific lectures, workshops and clinical operations.The university is preparing for it with full readiness and integrated logistical and practical preparations, and sets its sights on success as a main and primary goal in the process of strategic building for students, Where Al-Wataniya Private University attracted to serve its goal the best doctors, academic professors and specialists in multiple fields in Dentistry both from within the university and professors and participating doctors from other Syrian universities with a special hosting of lecturers from foreign universities { Professor Andrea Francesco Palermo –  DDS PhD , Associate Professor at  University of Bari -Italy , Associate Professor at College of Medicine and Dentistry, Birmingham (UK) }- along with Mr. Giovanni Canino -Chairman of the Board of Directors of iml Sa Swiss company specialized in dental implants and, he  is currently engaged in the development of anew implant with innovative features, in collaboration with prestigious European universities –  Which, in essence, achieves the concept of intellectual mixing and cognitive diversity, which ultimately aspires to give a diverse and comprehensive scientific and cognitive value.

A scientific initiative through which Al-Wataniya Private University aspires to enable new generations of students and lecturers to catch up with development and progress, nurture their capabilities and scientific readiness to benefit from the scientific and knowledge stock, and support academic programs aimed at renewal and modernization of educational curricula. That Al-Wataniya  Private University  is grateful for the cooperation and hard work of the partners (Ruba Almemaar Company for Medical Instruments, swiss dental implants company iml , and the College of Medicine & Dentistry at the University of Ulster) and all the lecturers, distinguished guests, and participating students for their efforts and acceptance of the invitation to make the Fourth Scientific Week in Dental Sciences a success within  Al-Wataniya Private University

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