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The International Programming Contest... A Collective Priority and Goal

Al-Wataniya Private University continued its series of successes in all fields over successive years, during which it hosted events, conferences and scientific activities at the local and international levels, so that the International Programming Competition topped the list of priorities as one of the most important events that occurred at Al-Wataniya Private University in terms of quality, and continuity. Because it came to serve the national approach in attracting and supporting outstanding students and providing them with the opportunity to take advantage of it and engage in this Programming Competition as an international group competition dedicated to university students around the world and a global competitive educational program that meets the aspirations of modern generations in solving problems related to computing and computer sciences over the course of four decades.

Computer engineering students from Al-Wataniya Private University went through this scientific experiment at its various local, national and regional levels, where Al-Wataniya succeeded in selecting the four teams to participate in the Programming Competition for students at the level of private universities in Syria in the year 2020-2021 after they passed the internal competition for students of the Department of Computer Engineering, being able to score  first and fourth place at the level of private universities SYPUCPC2021.

Advancing their steps towards the National Programming Competition that was held on 9/2/2021 within the campus of Al-Baath University in Homs under the supervision of the coordinator Dr. Ammar Rimawi and the engineers (Bayan Mando-Abdulrahman Al-Kayyal) and the trainer (Naseem Daghestani) who provided the students with all the information, practical applications and important advice for Al-Wataniya Private University to achieve good positions at the national level.

A remarkable development in the work and efforts of the participating teams from Al-Wataniya Private University caught the attention of everyone and proved its worth for the second time in a row through the success of Al-Wataniya Private University in selecting six teams consisting of the best committed trainees in the programmatic training camp (36 contestants) to participate in the National Competition at the level of Syrian private universities  For the year 2022, through which three teams from Al-Wataniya Private University qualified to participate in the Programming Competition at the level of Syria that was held on the campus of Al-Baath University in Homs Governorate, where the Ping999 team ranked (26) twenty-sixth in the Syrian Programming Competition out of three participating teams from Al-Wataniya Private University  Therefore, the Ping999 team reserved a special seat for it to compete at the regional level with only its first participation.

“We will not stop looking forward to achieving better goals and results in the next stage, as it will increase the balance of our expertise and create a motivation for us to learn and continue.”

A clear future vision that all doctors, professors, engineers and students gathered to achieve, bypassing all obstacles in order to formulate another aspect of excellence and enter the world of programming with full mental and physical readiness and work on developing their methods and tools in solving programming issues and making a qualitative leap in the ladder of successes, which was the first sign of its empowerment  The Ping999 team represented Al-Wataniya Private University out of 14 teams representing Syria in the twenty-fifth final of the Programming Competition  for university students at the level of Africa and the Arab World,ACPC2022 in Egypt – Sharm El-Sheikh, where Al-Wataniya Private University ranked 61st out of 125 teams, and that is only from its first participation at this regional level, ahead of many universities of other participating countries, Egyptian, Palestinian, Jordanian, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Africa and Kuwait.

Successive achievements in the course of the Programming Competition. Al-Wataniya teams pursued making and crystallizing them into distinguished successes through which they gained a variety of experiences and new skills, the most important of which is group learning and success within a team, believing in the importance of striving for excellence and competitiveness in achieving goals with more patience and learning from mistakes and continuing to ride the wheel of development to create better future.



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