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“The Perfect Preparation for The Graduate to Enter The Labor Market”

 The Goal of The Second Day of The Training Workshop for Professional and Academic Guidance for Graduates

The training workshop on vocational and academic guidance for graduates continued its course for the Second Day in a row in the Central Auditorium within Al-Wataniya Private University. At first, Ms. Melen Makhoul, Director of Human Resources at The University, gave an interactive training lecture for her entitled (How to Write CVs and The Method of Job Interviews) in order to enhance students’ skills  graduates and their practical abilities and employ them in the service of increasing their chances of acceptance in the labor market.

Ms. Melen Makhoul  started her lecture by talking about the methods of preparing for the job interview and the practical and personal preparations, including (identifying the workplace and getting as much information as possible about it and knowing the job description including the specialized skills and qualifications required for admission to the available work) in addition to the need to inform the graduate according to her saying on “the most important examples of questions asked in job interviews and the importance of a graduate’s self-evaluation, reviewing his resume and ensuring the accuracy of its information.”

In the same context, Ms. Melen Makhoul shed light on the most important personal preparations for the graduate, as they are a clear reflection of his personality, temperament, and ability to lead or perform his job duties with complete success. Among the most important points (general appearance, clothes, rules of dialogue, speaking skills, listening, and visual communication), which together give a complete picture  and an initial impression of the personality of the graduate applying for the job.

As for moving to the second axis of the training session, Ms. Melen Makhoul stressed the need to be familiar with the types of job interviews and the variety of methods according to which the job interview proceeds, including (phone interview, personal interview, committee interview, internet interview, group interview with more than one applicant, role-playing interview and interview  stress, pressure, etc.) based on the need for the graduate to possess sufficient capabilities and skills to give a true picture of him and increase his chances of obtaining a job opportunity.

In order to deliver the graduate students towards producing their creative ideas and improving their creative skills, Trainer Imad Bashouri, a Management Consultant and Lecturer in Thinking Skills and Creative Development, delivered a training lecture in a modern and distinctive style under the title (Creative Thinking Skills for Crisis Management, Which Hinder The Graduate to Make The Appropriate Decision), through which he was able to reach  students’ souls, charging them with positive energy, and trying to push them towards changing their traditional ways of thinking.

The contents of the training session varied between the types of skills that the graduate must possess before entering the labor market, as the Trainer, Imad Bashouri, emphasized the necessity of mastering technical and artistic skills such as knowledge of computer basics, mastery of the English language, and knowledge of the latest findings of important sciences that serve the job vacancy, which requires  the graduate should use his time and priorities optimally to reach the goal he wants to achieve.

Imad Bashouri also noted the importance of possessing administrative skills in order for the graduate to become a successful leader and administrator in the midst of work, which requires him to enhance the organizing skills for the required tasks and actions, work on accurate planning of the workflow, prioritization, and self-training to work under pressure and within a collective team, which will facilitate the path of achievement and build a personality.  responsible operation, as for personal skills, he focused on the need to have the skill of speaking, vocal techniques, communication skills, and listening for their importance in enhancing the personal status of others and making its owner an understandable personality capable of communicating and expressing his ideas in the best possible manner.

And by carrying out several group and interactive activities with the students and administrators, the Trainer Imad Bashouri was able to bring out their creative ideas and develop them in a flexible and simple manner, motivating some to try to use analytical thinking in dealing with issues and problems and work on reconsidering the world from a broader perspective and paying attention to seeing the scene  completely before issuing judgments on situations and issues, and thus the ease of making the right decision, noting in his speech to the techniques of repelling pain, which means the ability of the graduate to fill the functional need by presenting his qualifications and capabilities in an optimal manner.

Noting that the training sessions are the main task of increasing the abilities of graduate students to market themselves properly and understand the labor market and its requirements and needs, and thus lead students to their first steps in the path of their professional future.

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