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The Second Day of the Fourth Scientific Week in Dental Sciences  Continuous Successes Herald  A Promising Future

Al-Wataniya Private University has never failed to provide its children with the sciences and knowledge that they wanted, but rather it was keen with determination to raise their scientific level and guide them towards righteousness of knowledge and experience by holding scientific weeks in dental sciences continuously   over successive years, so that The fourth Scientific Week  in Dental Sciences would come is an extension of the promising achievements and successes witnessed by Al-Wataniya Private University.

The Fourth Scientific Week Program in Dental Sciences continued on its Second Day in a row under the auspices of the Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research Prof.Dr. Bassam Bashir Ibrahim and with the participation of a distinguished group of doctors, lecturers and specialists in dental sciences, whether from inside or outside Syria, to present their expertise  and scientific skills for students of the Faculty of Dentistry will open wide horizons for them towards a successful career.

“Academic Sciences…A Solid Foundation For Acquiring A Profession”

 Starting with the academic scientific lectures, Dr. Mohamad Bilal Ismail opened the Second Day of the Fourth Scientific Week with a valuable lecture entitled “Prosthetic  Options in Dental Implants” in which he reviewed different clinical cases in the process of using moving prostheses, speaking about the most important techniques of dental implantation and how to manufacture prostheses for the blind patient.  Partially or completely, noting the importance of ensuring the integrity of the occlusion process.

In the same context, and as a continuation of the course of the scientific program towards developing students and providing them with updates in medical sciences, Dr. Ayssar Alqudsi delivered an academic scientific lecture entitled “Implant Supported Removable Overdenture” in which he talked about the need to distinguish between implant-supported and implant-fixed mobile prostheses and the most important factors that a doctor must consider and achieve (  Support, Stability and Constancy ) before starting the implantation process, with the availability of a number of conditions for the use of fixed or mobile prostheses.

Dr. Ayssar Alqudsi also presented his second lecture in a row under the title (Management and Marketing in the Clinic), which focused on the importance of marketing and promoting the doctor’s service to the patient, whether from inside or outside the clinic through social networking sites.  Dr.Ayssar Alqudsi  explained the most important points in the marketing process, including pricing the service according to special logical and realistic accounts, in addition to the importance of taking care of the location of providing the service and providing additional values ​​that will attract people to continue the treatment process and their promotion of the services provided by the practicing doctor.

“Scientific and Knowledge Diversity… An Added Value”

 In the Fourth Scientific Week in Dental Sciences, Al-Wataniya Private University hosted scientific and medical scholars at a high level of competence, quality and expertise. Prof. Dr. Mazen Zenati gave a lecture entitled “Bone Grafts in Dental Implantology” in which he explained the types of bone grafts classified either on the basis of structure or  classified on the basis of origin and source, indicating the most important characteristics that must be available in bone grafts, such as resistance to infection, bioacceptance, and other properties. He concluded his lecture by reviewing how to deal with bone grafts in various clinical cases.

 The scientific momentum presented to the students continued on the second day of the Fourth Scientific Week Program through a valuable scientific lecture delivered by Prof. Andrea Francesco Palermo entitled “Implant Stability”, which was a continuation of the previous day’s lecture, in which he talked about the apical part of the dental implant and the importance of primary stability in the fixation process. He also dealt with characteristics of the universe implant and  platform shifting, along with immediate loading of the dental implant and immediate loading of the full arch.

Finally, Dr. Jihad Kharfan delivered an academic lecture in the field of dentistry, titled “Basic Surgical Techniques for Dental Implants”, in which he explained the conditions for the success of dental implants and the basis of their success on the quality of the relationship between (doctor, patient and implant), while he also dealt with the need to choose dental implants according to specific criteria, including  Size, position and type, focusing on the need to know some important notes before starting the surgical work and knowing the surgical technique of the standard implant.

“Modern Sciences.. In The Field of Actual Application”

 Al-Wataniya Private University aspired under the auspices of its president, Prof. Dr. Ahed Khuzam, to put all modern sciences and their developments within the reach of students and push them towards trying and experimenting for its effective role in refining their experiences. Therefore, the practical application session for the dental implantation process, supervised and implemented by Prof. Andrea Francesco Palermo, was a good example of that, so the students were able  through the live broadcast technology, watching the course of the process and learning about the most important stages and steps of the dental implant process, and learning about the most important stages and steps of the dental implant process, in addition to attending a practical training session for dental implants under the supervision and implementation of Mr. Giovanni Canino, benefiting from the total knowledge and observations during and after the completion of the process, which would provide a new addition to their scientific stock, benefiting from the knowledge and observations during and after the completion of the process, which would provide a new addition to their scientific repository.

 Continuous scientific days and nights, in which Al-Wataniya Private University cooperates with (Ruba Almemaar Company for Medical Instruments, the swiss dental implants  company iml , and the College of Medicine and Dentistry at the University of Ulster) to provide the best scientific outputs and deliver them to students, devoting all possible logistical and technical efforts and equipment to make the scientific event a success,  aspiring to do so.  On the road to renewal and achievement

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