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The Students of the Faculty of Architecture and Urban Planning in an Analytical Reconnaissance Tour to Hama Citadel

The Faculty of Architecture and Urban Planning, under the direction of the Dean of the Faculty, Prof. Dr. Safwat Ibrahim Pasha, and under the supervision of Dr. Mona Al-Khouly, the teacher of (landscape planning and coordination) course, conducted an exploratory and analytical visit to Hama Citadel on Thursday 10/11 /2022, with the participation of students from different academic years  in the College of Architecture and Urban Planning.

The students’ scientific visit to Hama Citadel aimed to stand on the study of the most important landscape levels, which are  related to archaeological sites. Where the students, accompanied by Dr. Mona Al-Khouly, took a panoramic tour of the site, through which they learned about the relationship of the geographical location with its general surroundings, whether built or natural.

The Exploratory Tour came in the context of preparing the students for a detailed analytical study of the current reality of the castle and its surroundings, identifying the strengths and weaknesses that exist in order to avoid them, and activate the strengths and benefit from them based on the studied scientific results and proposals that the students will reach that work to link the castle with its surroundings in a beneficial way.

The College of Architecture and Urban Planning also aspired, through the scientific visit of the students, to show the value of the archaeological and urban castle, and to urge the students and push them to submit the necessary proposals to reconfigure the castle and open its doors to visitors, based on the students’ study of the natural and industrial elements necessary to reach that goal.

It should be noted that Al-Wataniya Private University always strives with all its keenness and efforts to enhance the students’ capabilities and practical capabilities, and to involve them in realistic experiences, which will qualify them at a later stage to enter their scientific field from the widest of its doors.

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