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The Third Day of The Fourth Scientific Week in Dental Sciences  Educational Quality and High Professional Competence

The Fourth Scientific Week in Dental Sciences continued its success for the Third Day in a row at Al-Wataniya Private University, charting its steps on the right track in directing students towards seeking knowledge and knowledge, achieving its strategic and future goals in establishing sustainable scientific partnerships with prestigious scientific bodies that will pave the way for fruitful collaborative work  It meets the goal of Al-Wataniya University to enhance the abilities and skills of its students and raise their educational and professional level.

Dental Implants  .. A Broad and Comprehensive Science

 With the generous participation of important scientific figures at the local and international levels, theoretical lectures specialized in dentistry followed in order to support the joint scientific approach aimed at bringing about a quantum leap in the quality and competence of dental students at the National University, where Dr. Abdulrahman Salkini introduced his scientific lecture entitled “All  on 4 Technique” in which he talked about the most important prosthetic options and the most important dental implant options, explaining the importance of knowing the new technology in the dental implant process based on the use of four dental implants and its advantages as it provides support and stability and introduces new concepts in the implant process different from the traditional methods, reviewing some clinical cases of the dental implant process.

For his part, Dr. Muhammad Shwayhneh delivered an academic article entitled “Dental Implant Complications and Management”, in which he explained the various complications in the dental implant process, whether related to the patient or the surgeon, indicating the most important management methods used during and after the implantation process aimed at graduating the patient with full and good compensation to , besides a review of many different clinical cases of complete or partial loss of prosthesis or injury to adjacent anatomical elements, it also focused on the need to study the distances between the placement of dental implants and the most important factors causing pain during surgery.

In the same context, the momentum of the Third Day of the Fourth Scientific Week in Dental Sciences was  attended by intensive scientific sessions, where Dr. Hamzah Abbas gave a scientific lecture entitled “The Digital Intraoral Scanner in Daily Dental Practice ” in which he touched on the most important clinical uses of the three-dimensional digital scanner as it is a modern device.  He advanced, especially in the work of dental prints and fixed and movable prostheses over dental implants. He also pointed out the need for the doctor to distinguish between the commercial types of the digital scanner and choose the most appropriate and best among them, explaining the most important projections of using the device for dental implants and prostheses over dental implants.

Continuous work  .. To Graduate High-quality Competencies

 Talking about the importance of Al-Wataniya Private University continuing to hold scientific weeks in dental sciences, Prof. Dr. Ahed Khuzam, President of Al-Wataniya Private University, indicated the need to commit to holding events by saying, “Scientific activities related to dental sciences are considered an urgent necessity for students of the Faculty of Dentistry, as they provide them with everything new in their scientific field, and allow them to learn about various experiences and expertise.”  It is an initiative that brings together specialized doctors and professors from all Syrian public and private universities and doctors from abroad, and is directed in essence and content towards graduating scientific competencies characterized by the desire and insistence on acquiring science and the applied quality of this knowledge.

In turn, Prof. Andrea Palermo, Associate Professor at the University of Birmingham, UK, delivered a valuable scientific article entitled “Immediate Loading from Single Tooth to Full Arch,” in which he explained the harmful gingival margin and the necessity of removing it, explaining how to implant teeth in the event   of the buccal bone loss, and he reviewed various clinical cases.  How to heal wounds healing   after tooth extraction, talking about the most important surgical techniques in the process of dental implantation and the most appropriate surgical position for dental implantation – 4 – 5 .This came in the light of presenting the most important advanced scientific abstracts for dental students at Al-Wataniya Private University.

Professors and doctors took turns presenting scientific materials in the field of dentistry, where Mr. Giovanni Canino – CEO of the swiss  dental  implants company iml – gave a scientific lecture entitled “Dental Implantology Under The Microscope” in which he talked about the need to develop a vision of the quality of dental implants and the most important criteria and features that must be available in the implant viz, to be simple, safe and stable, in addition to his emphasis on the factors that qualify for implantation and the most prominent problems of treating the surface treatment defects of  dental implants (thread slipping, decontamination, etc.), indicating at the end of his lecture the most famous surgical protocols and the quality of the  swiss dental implants company iml implants and their high efficiency in cases of dental implants.

College of Dentistry.. Educational Quality and Professional Competence

 The Third Day of the Fourth Scientific Week Program in Dental Sciences witnessed a live application of the dental implant process under the supervision and implementation of Dr. Tarek Abou Agwa, the Dean of the College of Dentistry at Al-Wataniya Private University.

In which he worked on applying the procedural steps of the implantation process and its basic stages of extraction and scraping, and ensuring that there is no infection or dental lesion,

, through which they were able to know the most important observations and mistakes that should be taken during the implantation process, and asked accurate scientific inquiries about the process of extraction and dental implants. Where the students watched a live broadcast of the course of the operation in the Central Auditorium, through which they were able to know the most important observations and mistakes that should be taken during the implantation process, and asked accurate scientific inquiries about the process of extraction and dental implants.

In the same context, the Dean of the College of Dentistry, Dr. Tarek Abou Agwa, explained their continuous endeavor to link the practical side with the theoretical for students and stimulate their motives towards seeking more medical sciences, in addition to the necessity of practical application of this knowledge and the search for its latest developments and developments and putting it into practice with the participation of students, which qualifies them in a way that  well-thought-out students enter the labor market, thus taking their first steps towards their professional future.

Considering the human being the first goal of development, as expressed by the University President, Prof. Dr. Ahed Khuzam, Al-Wataniya Private University continues to give and provide the maximum facilities and preparations it possesses in order to bring students towards the concept of innovation and modernity in receiving science and work to prepare them in a scientific and practical way for their professional experiences and develop their perceptions and knowledge in a step quality towards development and progress.

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