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Wastewater Treatment Station in Hama  A valuable Scientific Station for Civil Engineering Students at Al-Wataniya Private University

The Faculty of Engineering – Department of Civil Engineering – at Al-Wataniya Private University made a scientific visit for fifth-year students to the wastewater treatment station  in the city of Hama on Wednesday 11/16/2022 under the supervision of Dr. Abdulqader Al-Jundi, Dean of the College of Engineering, and Dr. Mahmoud Fattameh, Teacher  of the Water and Sanitation Networks course.

 It is organized and  supervised by the Student Body of the College of Engineering in order to enhance the practical side and support it so that it becomes an actual application of the overall theoretical and academic knowledge that students receive in the college.

The scientific visit to the station witnessed that the students were acquainted with the station’s working mechanism and its practical sections. The station manager explained to the visitors the mechanism of sampling water  and how the water enters the station and passes through the filtration, analysis

and treatment sections, and works to make sure of its suitability and safety for use for the irrigation process.

Dr. Mahmoud Fattameh, the Teacher of the Water and Sanitation Networks course, gave the students a detailed explanation of the work of the water network and the need for them to be familiar with the correct methods of water treatment and the stages of the station’s work on filtering and analyzing it.

Where the students visited the laboratory of the station to be acquainted clearly and concretely with the most important experimental and practical information and observations in the mechanism of work of water treatment plants to ensure their validity for use.

It is noteworthy that the College of Engineering – Department of Civil Engineering – always seeks to raise the level of scientific and professional students and is keen to inform them of all new things that would increase their scientific knowledge and apply it on the ground in a scientific and studied manner.

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