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The Participation of Al- Wataniya Private University in the Fourteenth Pharmaceutical Scientific Days within Zenobia Conference Hall

The Syrian Pharmacists Syndicate of Homs Governorate held the 14th Scientific Pharmaceutical Days in conjunction with the Homs Pharmaceutical Exhibition on 25-26 of July,2022 in the Zenobia Conference Hall.

The Scientific Conference on Pharmacy was opened under the auspices of the Pharmacists Syndicate in Homs in cooperation with the Thiqa Company for Exhibitions and Conferences and in the presence of the Secretary of the Homs branch of the Arab Socialist Baath Party Omar Houriya, along with the Office of Outstanding Pharmacists, Barakat Company for Pharmaceutical Industries and Ibn Hayyan Pharmaceutical Laboratory.

The Dean of the Faculty of Pharmacy from Al- Wataniya  Private University, Dr. Shuaib Al-Ahmad, attended the scientific event for pharmacy, while the faculty member at the Faculty of Pharmacy, Dr. Talla Melli, participated in a scientific lecture entitled “Applications of DNA Fingerprinting in Paternity Tests” in which she addressed the concept of DNA fingerprinting and ways to rely on it to solve issues related to the ancestry.

The scientific event was launched in the presence of the members of the Central Syrian Pharmacists Syndicate (the Syrian Pharmacists Syndicate Dr. Wafaa Keshi, the Central Syndicate Council member Dr. Nabil Al-Qasir, the Homs Pharmacists Syndicate Dr. Shadi Traboulsi, the Head of the Homs Physicians Syndicate, the People’s Assembly Member Dr. Bassam Al-Mohammed and members of the sub-union of pharmacists).

It is noteworthy that the Faculty of Pharmacy at Al- Wataniya Private University is always a forerunner to learn and participate in all that is new in the field of pharmacy, believing in the importance of keeping abreast of scientific developments and developments and the importance of holding such scientific events to achieve progress and development.

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