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Systems and Information Directorate

 The main tasks of the systems administrator :

 Develop the necessary plans to secure the university’s needs of computer equipment , communications and software systems in line with developments in the field of information technology in an optimal manner , and participate in the development of books of conditions and contracts in coordination with the Directorate of Legal Affairs .

1- Develop general policies and strategies for the directorate in the short term (one year) and long term (five years) and follow up their implementation in coordination with the university presidency .

2- Supervising and developing documentation plans for everything related to the Directorate .

3- Develop plans to develop electronic university systems through the university development team so that the university becomes productive in the end .

4- Preparing periodic meetings with the departments and following them up .

5- Coordination with international training centers and other universities to secure qualification and training and obtain professional certificates through the university and to become an approved center for granting international professional certificates .

6- Requesting employees for the directorate when needed and contributing to their selection and selection of computer center teachers .

7- Participation in international periodicals regarding informatics and communications and securing them for the university .

8- Develop plans for the university’s contribution to support the surrounding community (Hama and Homs) by conducting workshops or courses for students of schools and clubs in particular as a form of publicity and contribution to community service , in coordination with the relevant directorates at the university .

9- Submitting periodic reports to the university presidency on the directorate’s reality , achievements and obstacles .

10- Setting the requirements and the annual budget of the Directorate in coordination with the Directorate of Finance and following up on its implementation .

11- Preparing and approving a training plan throughout the year and documenting the content of the courses .

12- Supervising the tasks of the Networks Department .

13- Carrying out the tasks of the Protection and Information Security Department .

14- Follow-up and renewal of contracts for the department’s employees .

15- Supervising the academic and administrative systems .

16- Carry out all the work assigned to him by the direct manager .

The main tasks of the technical support department :

1- Develop the department’s work plan and follow up its implementation with the manager .

2- Ensure that all university equipment works correctly (computers – laptops – printers – network equipment) .

3- Ensuring that operating systems and necessary service programs work correctly on devices and in laboratories .

4- Reconfiguration and installation of programs and drivers for the university devices .

5- Securing a complete library of programs for everything that serves the university administratively and teachingly .

6- Preparing the required documents for everything related to maintenance (user guide – documentation of the work mechanism) .

7- Periodic maintenance with maintenance cards for all devices (barcode) .

8- Supervising the technical support platform .

9- Carry out all the work assigned to him by the direct manager .

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