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 Dean of the College of Administrative and Financial Sciences Speech

The Deanship of the Faculty of Administrative and Financial Sciences welcomes members of the educational staff and administrators to the website of Al-Wataniya Private University – Faculty of Administrative and Financial Sciences.

Based on the goals and mission of the college, the college is keen to prepare highly qualified scientific cadres, capable of contributing effectively to the overall development process and administrative and financial development. In addition to carrying out its research tasks in monitoring and analyzing economic, administrative and financial problems and crises and contributing to finding appropriate solutions for them, in light of linking the university with the community, achieving cooperation and integration among them, as well as community service activities and other scientific and social activities to acquire more knowledge and skills that make them more competitive in the labor market.

The college is constantly working on updating and developing its curricula and educational programs, keeping pace with the latest developments in the field of administrative and financial sciences, and using distinguished professors with high qualifications and experience in the field of business administration, marketing and accounting, in order to prepare and qualify our children and students for their direct integration into the labor market.

The college has agreements and cultural relations with various public and private institutions, public and private banks in Hama Governorate. Most of the graduation projects for our students are applied in public and private institutions in the cities of Hama and Homs in light of the linkage and closer cooperation between the university and the local community.

The future plan of our college seeks to create specialized postgraduate studies (in management, marketing and accounting sciences) to award master’s and doctoral degrees at the college.

The college’s website is considered as one of the communication tools with you, and we will certainly be happy and grateful to you professors, students and pioneers of knowledge when you communicate with the Dean of the College and submit your comments and suggestions, which will be welcomed and the attention of the college administration as it serves the educational and research process in the college, and helps its administration to accomplish its tasks better. It serves the development of the college and its advancement to more advanced levels. Reaching the college’s goals and achieving its mission requires the efforts and cooperation of all.

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