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The College of Administrative and Financial Sciences aims to:

A – Providing students with a high level of knowledge and skills in their field of specialization, in line with scientific and technical progress in the world, and in line with the needs of the labor market and the requirements of development.

b- Advance and participate in scientific research and various studies that contribute to achieving sustainable economic, social and administrative development, and finding solutions to issues and problems facing the process of economic, social and administrative development at the local and national levels.

C – Developing the means of scientific research and updating its methods and tools through qualitative scientific studies and research.

D – Forming and developing the student’s scientific personality, instilling work ethics and the spirit of participation in it.

E – Contribute to the expansion of opportunities for learning and continuing education, in order to help society meet its increasing needs for competencies and skills necessary for the development process.

f- Strengthening cultural and scientific ties with colleges, institutes, institutions and organizations working in the fields of administration, economy and finance, at the national level in particular, and at the Arab and international levels in general, with the aim of making the college a scientific platform in its fields of specialization, and a party to academic relations that benefit from the experiences of others, It benefits others with its experience, and contributes to communication and understanding between different peoples and nations.

G – Achieving the highest level of interaction between the college and local economic institutions, which can thus play an important role in the success of the process of linking the university to society and its needs, especially with the sectors of production and industry.


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