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The Message

The Faculty of Administrative and Financial Sciences constitutes an integrated scientific educational unit, and it works as a knowledge system to generate the value produced by the fields of knowledge covered by the study plans in its departments. Providing the latest relevant knowledge to its students, striving for community development and contributing to building human civilization.

The college was licensed by Decree No. 264 of 6/17/2007. The university’s internal system defines the administrative and academic organization of the college, and it includes the following academic departments:

  • Business Administration Department.
  • Department of Accounting.
  • Department of Financial and Banking Sciences.
  • Marketing department.

Each academic department in the college is responsible for teaching courses and following up on the implementation of the study plan that falls within its specialization. It is also concerned with conducting research and organizing scientific activities related to its specialization.

It is applied to students registered in the majors of the departments of the study plan decided to obtain a bachelor’s degree in administrative and financial sciences in the relevant specialization. The university, based on the proposal of the college, grants the following academic degrees:


  1. Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration.
  2. Bachelor’s degree in Accounting.
  3. Bachelor’s degree in financial and banking sciences.
  4. Bachelor’s degree in Marketing.

The Deanship of the College is responsible for implementing the basic rules of procedure at Al- Wataniya Private University.

Strategic Vision

The College of Administrative and Financial Sciences aspires to be a center of excellence in the field of higher qualification in the disciplines of administrative and financial sciences, and to achieve leadership in providing an excellent environment for education, training and scientific research in all branches of administrative and financial sciences, in a manner that meets the diverse needs of society, and enhances the role of the university in capital formation Intellectual property, skills development, refining professional competencies and achieving sustainable development.

This vision will be achieved by:

A – Teaching and its duties:

And that is through excellence at the educational level, allowing the generation of the value represented by the knowledge and skills covered by the study plans in the departments, as well as through the teaching and learning environment that highlights the basic values ​​of the university community, based on respect for the intellectual effort of the individual and for others, and also through the rehabilitation of students cognitively. and humanely and helping them to develop their personalities in a balanced professional and social manner.

In order to achieve this direction, it will be concerned with the following:

  1. Applying the rules of scientific accreditation and the conditions for granting it issued by the Higher Education Council, and respecting the quality controls adopted by the Ministry of Higher Education in the Syrian Arab Republic, and those faculties of administrative and financial sciences in Arab and international universities run in their research, educational and administrative activities.
  2. Teaching a wide range of subjects in a way that achieves integration between the elements of the curriculum, and provides the student with a broad culture and knowledge that help him to later delve into topics related to his specialization, and also allow him to specialize in the future without facing actual difficulties, as this would nourish the student The faculties of creativity, innovation and initiative, and enhances his ability to adapt to the surrounding environment and changing environment conditions.
  3. Stimulating critical thinking among students, which makes them question the validity and credibility of what is presented to them and discuss it objectively and with an open mind.

B – High-end scientific research related to market needs and development requirements:

In order to achieve this orientation, it will be concerned with dedicating scientific research as an essential component in the activities of the faculty in the college, with the studies and research submitted by the members of this body, and the projects, research and academic messages they supervise, and the advancement and participation in scientific research and various studies that contribute to achieving economic development. and social development, and finding solutions to the various issues and problems facing the economic and social development in the Syrian Arab Republic.


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